Download and install the EasyConfigurator installation utility. Client List This page displays all of the wireless clients associated with or connected to your wireless gateway. This may take a few minutes, until the following status page appears. If you check or uncheck any of the Disable checkboxes, click Apply to save your changes. Robotics MAX g devices can communicate with each other at twice the normal rate.

usr9108 easyconfigurator

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Jsr9108 can set up a wireless connection later in the installation process, once the gateway is communicating with the Internet. A preamble is a signal that synchronises the timing between two or more wireless devices, allowing all wireless systems to recognise the start of transmission.

If the LED on the front panel is not lighted, press the power switch on the back of the gateway.

This utility program tests your connections and, if there is a problem, tells you where it is. Learn all about Cellular. When AP Mode is set to Bridgedetermines whether the gateway will communicate with all other bridges or only specific ones: If a microfilter was not included with easyconfigurtor gateway, you may want to ask your ISP if you need to purchase one or more of them.

WDS devices that are not in this table will not be able to connect to your gateway.


usr9108 easyconfigurator

You can check your connections automatically with the included utility program. If the installation does not start automatically, you can start it manually.

US Robotics USR – U.S. Robotics Wireless MAXg User Manual (Page 4 of 8)

Otherwise, the fasyconfigurator may need to be restarted:. Turn protection off to maximise Client List This page displays all of the wireless clients associated with or connected to your wireless gateway.

Select the Advanced tab.

By default, wireless clients passively scan all radio channels, listening for beacons coming from access points. All wireless clients must either detect the gateway or be configured with the correct SSID to access the Internet. You can still set up the connection by specifying the network name belowthen entering this name in rasyconfigurator wireless client utility.

Wireless communication settings

For completeness, the following drawing shows both wired and wireless connections between your computer and your U. Before a client enters power-save mode, it needs the beacon interval to determine when to wake up for the next beacon and learn whether the access point has any messages for it.

Enable this item if you do not want your wireless machines to be able to communicate with each other.

usr9108 easyconfigurator

You can enter any value between 1 andbut the recommended range is 1 – Click Apply to continue. The amount of time in milliseconds between beacon transmissions, each of which identifies the presence of an access point. In bridge mode, the gateway uses the Wireless Distribution System WDS protocol to communicate wirelessly with other networking devices access point, wireless router, repeater that support WDS, but does not communicate directly with clients.


Follow the on-screen instructions to configure security, and click Apply when done. Some us9r108 the information contained within this documentation, including the support contact information, is subject to change.

This drop-down list lets you specify the wireless communication rate, which can be Auto uses the highest rate when possible, or else a lower rate or a fixed rate between 1 and 54 Mbps.

After making any changes, click Apply to save. Warranty Service Learn easyconfigudator to send your product in for warranty service.

See the contact information in the Help section of this guide. Packets smaller than the specified fragmentation threshold value are not fragmented.

Access Point —The gateway communicates with both clients and bridges. This firmware corrects the following issues: The following page allows you to enable the wireless easycobfigurator, hide the access point by not broadcasting the network name, and set the wireless network name SSID.

Launch the EasyConfigurator software.