This device can run faster when plugged to a USB3. Windows boot process and grub4dos wimboot. Unknown plz help which tool use for my card thanks advance. This makes me wonder if I have some new version of the SMI chip not supported by the older tools, and creating the CD partition may work with a newer version of the UfDiskUtilities? Here’s data for one of the sticks: Change Pwd This allows you to change the password and set a hint phrase. It just makes it difficult to find the correct tool – you did not answer my previous Q – what does ChipGenius report about the controller – chip number, model, etc?


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This is the drive i flashed using one of the two tools mentioned above I made no changes to any files on the tool and followed a translated page from flashboots.

SMI UFDisk Utilities repair software

Correct partition errors if any. Unknown help which tool.

Utility to restore the flash controllers Silicon Motion SM32x. If you already have public and secure disks, you can reformat and remove the secure disk by moving ufdiks slider fully to the left.


If you start with a UFD that has never been used with this utility before and just contains one normal partition, this will allow you to write protect it. Close all applications and save all work before using this utility! If you’re about to do some tests I might wait to hear about your experiences, there’s a LOT of settings: Ilja Kox September 28, at 9: Esmatullah May 24, at 4: Thanks a lot, i was trying to write protect pen drive. Be aware that you could ‘destroy’ your USB stick though!

Or can I do this with the mptool? Remove any tracks of malicious software that may have infected it. Supports change the following data: Duongdinh Phuc September 27, at 6: Mass Storage Device Protocal Version: Look at the Flash memory part number displayed by ChipGenius – e.

Fix your own USB Flash Drive!!!: SMI

I found 4 versions of the MP tool all similar names – 2 ufdisi to detect the Lexar. You will need to change the fields to match what is reported by ChipGenius take a screengrab of chipgenious and save the file so you have it safe.

Useful External Links inc.


Taqi Baltistani November 29, at 5: Click on Settings and choose a default. Presumably work with flash controllers Silicon Motion. This is required if you have split the UFD into a ‘public disk’ and a ‘secure disk’. No problem with Kon-Boot! To get access to the ‘public disk’ area again, you will need to remove the UFD and re-plug it. Community Forum Software by IP.


So basically assign everything we know udfisk let the rest stay at their defaults until proven otherwise?


Note that no password is required, so anyone can un-write-protect the ‘disk s ‘. Whenever I insert a USB disk, the software precisely detects ufdiak brand, capacity, and drive letter without any problem. Thanks a million for doing this write-up, Steve.


The 7 buttons are:. Recording videos with Cam So it is very important that you check that you have an SMI controller in your UFD ufdiek that it is connected first before you run the utility! Enter the e-mail address of the recipient Add your own personal message: