All The Children Sing 3: Most of the songs on the record didn’t have lyrics until completed. Honestly, there doesn’t seem to me much difference in the technical aspects of either side. Speaking of idealism, the chart-climbing single “Can We Still Be Friends” is next and it’s one of Rundgren’s most endearing ditties. Recording Location Utopia Sound.

todd rundgren hermit of mink hollow

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Most of the songs on the record didn’t have lyrics until completed. His relationship with Bebe Buell collapsed during and it’s clear that the separation hegmit pained him, since pain and melancholy underpin the album, whether it’s on ballads “Can We Still Be Friends” or on apparently joyous revelries, like “All the Children Sing.

Hermit of Mink Hollow

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Actually, I would recommend a great cover version of this song by Kim Wilde if you are interested. It is a real weak number indeed. The guitars have the perfect amount of bite, he throws in a hot sax ride and the solid rhythm track will have you dancing through the dining room in your boxers, strumming your air guitar with wild abandon.

todd rundgren hermit of mink hollow

Poor combinations, no emotions at all and weak tracks to close this forgettable “Todd” record. On the surface it would appear to be a fairly straightforward ballad but the intriguing vocal sections with their deceptively tricky time signatures make this tune anything but formula. Bearsville re-listed the songs in a more “Pop Friendly” sequence, comprising the lighter poppy songs on “The Easy Side” and the more cerebral or harder rock songs on “The Difficult Side”.

Rundgren, might think it’s a noble consolation prize to offer but that’s the last thing they want to hear at that moment. It is intelligent and accessible, bu Songwriters Talk about the Creative Process. There’s just nothing to latch onto.


That joy is quickly followed by the turmoil of ‘Can We Still Be Friends,’ a song that made its way into the top half of the Billboard charts, almost becoming a genuine hit. Ten years on from his recording debut with the Nazz, Rundgren was able to condense all he had learned up to that point and mold it into a near-perfect LP.

todd rundgren hermit of mink hollow

The legend involved a 3-legged dog, a missing girl and an escaped mental patient hiding in the surrounding forested mountains. Retrieved March 12, — via robertchristgau. The original track listing for the album, which can be found on the back of the album jacket, was rejected by Bearsville as being too haphazard. He makes it sound effortless as it all blends together seamlessly and stands as one of the most perfect self-assembled recordings ever made.

The following “Can we still be friends”, a melancholy pop ballad, was a big hit single for Todd, and thus probably fulfilled his ambitions for the album. But to be fully faithful, I have to say that most of this album has little to do with prog. From the echo-drenched drums to the dense cumulus clouds of the chorale, this is a prime example of over-the-top pop.

todd rundgren hermit of mink hollow

Introspection Late Night Partying. As if his own suffering were not enough, Todd takes on the misery of the world’s poor and downtrodden in tracks like “Bread” and “Bag Lady”.

Light relief is provided by “Onomatopoeia” and “You Cried Wolf”. As a listener you’re not sure if you’re supposed to laugh or cry. The rest of the album are pleasant, but forgettable pop and rock tunes, all with Todd performing all tasks.


One of Rundgren’s most attractive qualities is his fondness for clever studio tricks and his willingness to be silly at times.

TODD RUNDGREN Hermit Of Mink Hollow reviews

To me it signifies an itch he had to scratch at that point in his career to be a bit more accessible to the public at large and, in that capacity, it succeeds. Rundgren recorded this album while living in a house on Mink Hollow Road.

Tracks like “Hurting for You” and “Lucky Guy” are full of bitterness, but there are few tunesmiths in rock who would have expressed their sorrow in a melody as quirky as “Can We Still Be Friends”.

Speaking of idealism, the chart-climbing single “Can We Still Be Friends” is next and it’s one of Rundgren’s most endearing ditties.

But such a thirty minutes!

Hermit of Mink Hollow – Wikipedia

Meanwhile, hard-rocking gems like ‘Out of Control’ and ‘You Cried Wolf’ blast through rundgrrn rock and roll punch. The album is reminiscent of the artist’s earlier, more pop-oriented records and marks a lyrical return to the subject of relationships as in the single “Can We Still Be Friends”as well as his views on social inequality as in the songs “Bag Lady” and “Bread”.

Makes a sad song even sadder.