View all trending tracks. A husband for ten years! Would love to see a follow-on real soon. Connect your Spotify account to your Last. I have frequently been asked, “where did the name Mayapple Road come from.

thad fiscella vast

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Both songs are available on the album Love Without Words. The All-American Rejects on playing by their own rules and breaking the ‘anti-aesthetic’ aesthetic spotlight By okspud1 12 Aug 3: Fiscella’s 7th album, Free to Fly is his most ambitious project yet, featuring 17 songs, 16 piano and 1 piano with orchestration.

For professional award winning instrumental music look no further than the music of Thad Fiscella. His passion is to serve the Lord in whatever capacity needed. Up to the mountain tops and down through the valleys.

Missouri has one of the most beautiful Autumn Seasons in America, and it never ceases to amaze and inspire me each year with new music. A sense of joy mixed with the awe one feels while holding an innocent child comes through the tender notes of the music.

Thad Fiscella – Learn about Thad’s Music and Ministry

Connect to Spotify Dismiss. The gentle themes make lovely background music, but are complex enough for more careful listening to savor the nuances as well as the beauty of each piece.

I could relate, because I too had a baby my son Ross who was born with kidney issues. The love we share has not only helped to inspire the music you hear, but also create a love that words cannot describe. Fiscella vasy able to deliver, creating a relaxing Christmas CD perfect for the holiday season, but in a way that keeps the simplicity of the pieces, adding various nuances, while allowing the listener to sing or hum along with the music in its entirety.


Through out my albums I continue to write songs inspired by my children. Feel free to contribute! I could remember seeing some of my friends with their daughters, and longing for the day when I too could hold close, laugh with, and spoil my own Sweet Girl Fisceella Song off of my album Love Without Words.

Thad Fiscella

Artist descriptions on Last. Fiscella spends many hours recording improvisation, and decided to put together a CD containing songs created over a period of about a year Thad studied piano, violin, guitar, trumpet, and percussion throughout his school years, and is currently focused on the piano and digital instruments. fsicella

thad fiscella vast

The CD starts with the song “When You Said I Do” which I felt was appropriate because one of my fondest memories of my dad was of him as my best vasst for my wedding; it was amazing getting to experience that day with him by my side. A simple melody is vaxt over a lively and flowing accompaniment in the first theme, becoming very serene and quiet in the second, returning to the first theme in the third section, and then fading into peaceful dreams at the end – a great piece!

View all similar artists. Based on Scriptures found in Colossians 3: This music pulls your fiscekla into the presence of God -Andy. It is inspirational, relaxing, and enjoyable for the soul!


Out of all the songs I have ever written, Beauty of Grace seems to be one that inspires people the most. I made a choice many years ago as a child to follow Christ and allow Him to lead me in this life, till one day my eventual Home in Heaven.

thad fiscella vast

I am getting married in September. It was a difficult time in our life, but we always put our hope and trust in the Lord. Each piece is then completed primarily with little or no preparation. An ensemble piece for piano and strings, it conveys the deep feelings of new love – another great movie piece! Simply relaxing and meditative, I especially enjoy fiscellz for quiet times, and while traveling.

Life is full of choices, one after another, what is important to me is to make sure I am making the right ones under the Lordship of Christ, and the leading of the Holy Spirit. It’s amazing how fisfella can bring out so much of the music and playing so little. Answer to prayer in my crazy world of chemo, hair loss and illness of my mother, Thank you again!