This course gives the participants a good understanding of what planning objectives are applied in a microwave radio network and what parameters influence the performances. Use the central alarm list and the log book application 7. System Technician, System Engineer, System Administrator Prerequisites The participants must have experience from working with graphical user interfaces in a computer environment. Learning situation This course is instructor-led with a task-oriented learning. You will get the information about the functions in theory but also by using the system in realistic situations.

tems linkplanner software

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Duration and class size The length of the course is 2 days and the maximum number of participants is The advanced interference analysis ensures that available frequencies are used in the best possible way. Benchmarking Streamline your mobile network benchmarking campaigns.

Course description Microwave Networks. TEMS Investigation can decode the Qualcomm x50 chipset, and therefore record the 5G NR measurements, information elements and events recorded by a number of devices based on this 5G chipset.

tems linkplanner software

With the help of the training documentation provided in this course, and the guidance of the Instructors, the attendees will be able to learn the most efficient ways of sytem operation, maitenance, commissioning, configuration and troubleshooting, hence saving time and money. Each network element has specific procedures and special features and functions. Learning situation This course is instructor-led with a task-oriented learning. The course contents will provide the information to manage the system but it will also give the attendant the possibility to work with the tools on real equipment.

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It includes instructor-led lessons using power point presentations, software demonstrations and practical exercises on the temms and network management software in a classroom. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

tems linkplanner software

With the help of the training documentation provided in this course and the guidance of the instructors, the attendees will learn the most efficient ways of system operation, maintenance, commissioning, configuration and troubleshooting, hence saving time and money. Fundamentals This audience requires an introduction to the Ericsson microwave portfolio Prerequisites The participants should be familiar with basic telecommunication and have basic data communication knowledge.

Skip to main content. Knowledge of transmission in cellular network would be advantageous.

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We pedagogically unwrap the system so that the System Administrator has a good understanding linkpalnner SOA in order to start working with the system instead of having to spend hours trying to plough through the thousand pages of manuals.

This course could be held at customer premises Time schedule The time required always depends on the knowledge of the attending participants and the hours stated below can be used as estimate. Linmplanner support is provided by its flexible way of defining equipment data and versatile planning functionality. For detailed knowledge in how to administrate and operate this please refer to corresponding training courses.

The students will connect to the Network Manager application in order to setup connections and links and in order to work with alarms and performance data. Besides design for traffic handling and microwave radio propagation the Planner must be familiar with how to design the management network. Prerequisites Successful completion of the following courses: Even with the help from modern prediction tools it is in the end the Planner who has to judge if the solution is acceptable or if some of the parameters has to be changed.


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With the help of this training the attendees will understand the features of the ServiceOn Network Manager and will learn the guidelines linkplanndr set-up the representation of the traffic likplanner built with Ericsson network elements in a quick and efficient way. Then this course will give you the knowledge about it. It consists of a number of components facilitating integrated management.

Learning situation This course is based on theoretical and practical instructor-led lessons given in both classroom and in a technical environment using equipment and tools.

Radio and antennas 2.

tems linkplanner software

Administrate the users in SOI 8. Perform a Software upgrade.

This course will provide you with an understanding of the key features and benefits of the products forming the Ericsson Microwave Networks portfolio. This course will on its own give an overall understanding of the products and techniques and the knowledge provided by it is a prerequisite for deeper studies in the subject. Main features and benefits of the products will be explained. The Fault Management functionality of ServiceOn Integrator facilitates the possibility to centrally collect, display, and administrate alarms from all the integrated element management systems.