Things will be different for myget. A few months ago we have started talking about a total rewrite of SymbolSource, and even with the limited time we could have spared, we have made good progress in designing a new, scalable architecture for the service. TripleEmcoder good news — I just finished processing SymbolSource. Just replace the old symbolsource. This will make tracking down elusive bugs much easier, as you’ll be able to step into many of the third-party libraries that you reference in binary form, without the need to replace them with locally compiled versions manually.


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In other words this is the new complementary service to https: Stmbolsource you have any questions or feedback please leave them in the comment section.

Some of the areas where the NuGet. SymbolSource was developed to solve two major problems with symbol files: Symbolsouurce Company Accounts provide all of the publicly available features: Attach to a live site and try to setup breakpoints the exact way needed to only catch the error, and not stop a milion people from doing their daily work. What does it do? SymbolSource is an integrated solution for hosting and browsing code releases – specifically, but not only, NuGet and OpenWrap packages.


Create SymbolSource Private Repositories for pre-release versions of projectsseparate from mainstream hosts like nuget. Because NuGet is still the easiest way of pushing symbol packages, what we would need is a NuGet-based method of distributing programs.

Web projects at the moment, but all Orchard modules will follow soon. A huge part of this investment is spinning up our own symbol server, for various reasons described in the spec.

– Your source for debugging symbols and sources.

This isn’t a bad thing, really, because you get a whole lot of functionality by simply installing this single NuGet package. There are however also some old versions, which I deleted before writing this post. Symbol package support is even built into nuget. Let’s get this thing rolling But you can also limit the packages listed by a query, using the following command:.

Over time, the service has built up quite a cache of symbols for NuGet packages. It will enable us to support many different scenarios with the best possible performance: By recognizing the service in the.


All the rest is in Orchard. That is a great question, and we have been identifying concrete areas where both services can deliver immense value to the. Learn more about configuring Visual Studio and using SymbolSource during debugging.

Remember, we have already deleted this package.


No one needs to know Subscribe in a reader. This site uses cookies. You will be able to explicitly target: In this post I will show you how Chocolatey and SymbolSource can be used to publish open-source applications with full debugging support, allowing users with programming skills to analyze problems through code and provide much more useful bug reports.


Learn more about installing and using the community edition of SymbolSource. A world of debuggable open-source software — Part 2: Pay attention to the correct order, because some servers may contain symbols for the same binaries: By the way, since the JSON status files have complete information about indexed symbols and sources, we can delete a package entirely based only on those, without hitting any database at all.

SymbolSource not only accepts incoming packages with symbols and sources, but it can also host all sorts of NuGet and OpenWrap packages.

Step 1: Packaging Orchard

Chocolatey NuGet is a Machine Package Manager, somewhat like apt-get, but built with windows in mind. I will blog more about this in a future post. When debugging code using Library.