Click here to get the AU version from Bram’s site. CowDelay is donationware so if you like and use it, go to TobyBear’s site and donate something! It’s one of the best phaser plugins available and it’s donationware! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. A Pad Synthesizer This plugin emulates the classic string ensemble sound, made popular by such classic synths as the Crumar Performer or the Arp Solina.

supaphaser vst

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All plugins are only compatible with bit hosts and are built with SDKs from A list of the best phaser plugins with bit support would be much more useful. A multi state filter supaphazer with midi input. Go here to get the OSX versions.

bpb Freeware Studio: Best Free Phaser VST/AU Plugins

Slim Slow Slider really coded an amazing mastering plugin and he is supaphaer it as donationware. Click here to donate something to the programmers of Ticky Clav.

supaphaser vst

LoFi Wavetable Synth This virtual synth produces old school electronical sounds and features a graphical wavetable editor. A reverb plugin based on Jezar’s freeverb engine.

SupaPhaser – Phaser Vst Plugin

It’s donationware, please donate something to Bram here if you use s M exoscope. Slim Slow Slider coded this supahaser and he is offering supaphase as donationware. MPhaser features 1 to 10 stages, adjustable feedback, and minimum and maximum frequency. Linear Phase Graphical Equalizer 2. Analog Modelled Phaser Effect The Classic Phaser VST plugin by Kjaerhus Audio emulates analog phasers from the 70’s and 80’s, enabling it to resemble anything from phaser pedals to expensive studio phasers from that time period.


Use at your own risk! Linear Phase Graphical Equalizer Lpgeq 2.

Free VST Plugins: The Best VST Phaser Effects

Tomislav is a journalist, music producer and web designer from Belgrade, Serbia. A Pad Synthesizer This plugin emulates the classic string ensemble sound, made popular by such classic synths as the Crumar Performer or the Arp Supsphaser. This article desperately needs to be updated. Please use this with care. It’s a full fledged plugin with midi-learn, random patch generator and many presets.

Cheeze Machine generates sound by feeding a simple, saw-like waveform, into a chorus ensemble emulator, a 6-stage phaser, and a reverb. This plugin counts the bits really used in an audio stream. Click here to donate to him!

supaphaser vst

The synth engine is based on a physical modeling algorithm, faithfully reproducing the strings supaphaxer and the 2 pickups of the Clavinet Model C. As always, feel free to suggest your own favorite freeware phaser VST plugin in the comments section below, or discuss the ones already listed. The GUI and the basic concept were done by mully.


The highlight of the MPhaser VST plugin is the graphic display making it possible to manually adjust the shape of the LFO to anything from a pure sine to a square wave to simply white noise -and every single imaginable combination in between. Below that are older ports which are ppc only. SupaPhaser and UltraPhazer are also great sounding phaser VSTs, for more advanced users who require more tweakability.

Free Phaser VST Plugins – Bedroom Producers Blog

The LFO is automatically synchronized to host tempoand the rate can be set between 0. There are two versions of Cheeze Machine with different skins. The AU version uses supaphaset regular AU sidechain mechanism and detects mono vs.

Phase90 is my favorite freeware phaser VST plugin. Great article as usual. Share it like a boss.