I don’t really know what “OSX’s zip” is, but why not simply use tar? I’ll try to add it in. That’s exactly what dynamic libraries are about, right? I chose zip over tar only because the small sample of existing apps I looked at seemed to distribute with zip over tar. Play and rec symlinks

sox 14.3.2

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Pinpoint memory and threading errors before they happen. Search everywhere only in this topic Advanced Search SoX I removed the 0.

Downloading File /sox// – SoX – Sound eXchange – OSDN

It is not used as hint on where to look for existing files. I could use download stats to see which is more popular over time. Chris The ultimate all-in-one performance toolkit: This is an sod I’m struggling with.

sox 14.3.2

The external libraries must be static only or else it will expect dylib versions to already exist on external boxes. During this build, I had sox There is also flac. On Wed, Feb 16, at 1: Not sure if thats on OSX’s zip or not. If you see warning messages about header files rejected by preprocessor then its most likely from that.


How does that differ form, say, a “Linux build”? You are probably right. I will also try with an external USB soundcard.

File listing for project SoX – Sound eXchange

Basically, I am cross compiling. Now the compilation of example5. These are my comments on the existing sod I’m not sure how to fix that if so.

Now of course the compilation of example5. After this, the compilation osx through, and sox seem to work flawlesly. Thanks for pointing out. Its easy for me to distribute both technically. None of these ‘ship with’ SoX. I worked around it by simply commenting out the meat of example5’s main.

Sophie: soxmga2 x86_64

On Feb 13 Since this is a “release” script, it does as much as it can for me without intervention. Is is really so that. Perhaps this is a general linking problem with respect to MacOSX would someone more familiar with 14.3.2 1 care to comment? Do you mean “-L. Looking forward to try this on a MacOS later.


sox 14.3.2

The only thing I can think of is its linking to an older libsox. Feedback welcome there to.

Well, my Soz and autotools haven’t changed either; config. If there is something specific you want me to run, please let me know. Strangely, as with the previous version of sox, I can play the file alright when the headphones are plugged in, but not when playing through the integrated speakers.