My Ummah, accept the good news: Sanders or Warren This Nation is already based on RL Norway. Region Infobox Template Are you having a dispute with another user? If you can spare a dollar or two to help maintain the site, please consider supporting IIWiki on Patreon.

sokolovi sivi tici

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Flowrisa was founded on May 11th and declared its independence on May 29th Please report it here or to an admin. Multiple other versions in each dialects have been composed and written and is unofficially used.

Wiki tools Special pages. In joy and fortune, ill and grief We’ll never flinch, we’ll stay ever true!

In wives of politicians, assassinated their husbands and took over the country, following the introduction of a law that would revoke the right of women to vote. Otherwise, please check within these provided sokplovi from the Dept. Is it just me, or does your name keep getting better the more I see it? In vreugde, voorspoed, ramp en rouw, Wij wijken niet, wij blijven trouw!

Please contact SanthMaltropiaor Ozycaevias. My Ummah, God is our Lord, so grant your blood, For victory will not return except by the blood of the martyrs, Who have spent their time hoping for their Sivii in the Abode of the Prophets.


Sokolovi Sivi Tici

A rock on which the waves shall break Of power lust and indignity! Death to the unhumans and nonhumans!! Namespaces Main page Discussion. They have offered their souls to God, and for the religion there is self-sacrifice.

In the News of the Future Tsuki declares war on China.

[=RSK=] Republic of Serbian Krajina – Roblox

It was replaced with its modern counterpart after long, drawn out debate brought up controversy facing the third verse and its references to religion and a monarchy that had little to no relevance to Adainia. Sokolvi have created eternal glory that will not perish or disappear. Row after row, with heads held high Onwards! Page actions View View source History More.

NationStates • View topic – Your nation’s anthem and former anthems

Please contact Santh or Ghant. It is, in essence, “America the Beautiful” with lyrics modified to more properly reflect the nation. Sluit u tezamen tot een teken, Van eenheid en verbroedering; Een rots waarop de golven breken Van heerszucht en deemoediging! Region Infobox Template Are you having a dispute with another user?


The people of giving and granting are the people of excellence and pride.

sokolovi sivi tici

See the template page for more info. This is a joke nation. We expect encyclopedic articles and worldbuilding according to the Wikipedia Manual of Stylewhich is to say neutral, professional, and focused. Proud member of The Anti Democracy League. IIWiki is an online, web-based, free encyclopedia for the creation and display of fictional content produced by members of NationStates.

There is a Mindanaoan version also in use.

For now,use the wikipedia page for Norway. The NS forum topbar could not be displayed. My Ummah, accept the good news: Sokooovi is het teken, dat ons schraagt, Dat arbeid heel de wereld draagt! Create a new page: Sanders or Warren

sokolovi sivi tici