I believe that to be the highest compliment I can pay these guys and their hard work. Offsetting vocals is nothing new. Same applies to most musicians just wanting to earn a living, whilst most people expect it for free now. Holly has explained that this decision was made to help shorten the running time, in part to help with radio play. Amazon have no bricks and mortar overheads? Left me gagging even more for my copies to arrive!

so80s ztt

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Holly has explained that this decision was made to help shorten the running time, in part to help with radio play. Who would begrudge them making a profit ztt Thanks again for a great idea and album!!!!

There are longer, more lush mixes of this track and there have also been some awful ones too. Nor did I say that a digital release should be same cost as physical. A case of over familiarity with the source material spoiling it for me. I do, and this album helps me to remember, no end!

so80s presents ZTT / review | superdeluxeedition

May 12, at Si80s the re-listen I notice Duel around 3: May 6, by Paul Sinclair tags: May 20, at I thank the above reviewer, Paul. I admit to feeling a hint of frustration at first due to my being SO incredibly familiar with the original mixes.


so80s ztt

So, there you have it. And here we have the sole Art of Noise appearance on this album. Most remix albums involve cobbling together existing mixes. I was also nervous about this remix project. But he clearly really enjoyed it and the review obviously reflects that.

so80s ztt

The thing with this particular song is that it has a lovely key change, something Burt Bacharach was incredibly adept at doing in his songs. Wow, many thanks for your kind words. This might well be the next in line.

It has been a common remixing practice for decades. A great set of mixes and a brilliant balanced review.

so80s presents ZTT / review

That, to me, says a balance may well have been struck. Moments in Love zo80s a thing of beauty and prized amongst fans much like Two Tribes is. Full of PPG synth splendour, this is a stunning piece and well reconstructed here. The album arrived on Monday and it went straight on.

‎So80S (So Eighties) Presents ZTT by Blank & Jones on Apple Music

Would be great to hear your thoughts: What I really like about this 2CD set is how the mixes really show off the individual tracks and parts — great showcase mixes. It sums up eo80s whole Frankie phenomenon. I have no idea of the politics behind such a collaboration though. July 31, at Seriously, well done Piet for coming on here and outlining the creative process of the project, sharing the songs zt with readers of this blog AND letting us see into the machinery of the money side of things.


But I think they have done extremely well, keeping the original ethos and feel of the Do80s sound. So, I think the part of the song you refer to is at around the 3 minute mark. Can someone confirm that? You got my money guys, and well spent it was too.