Raj performs a concert in tribute to Rohit, and Mailk and the corrupt officers arrive there undercover. Kaho Naa Pyar Hai 3: Raj succeeds in killing them as well as their henchmen and rescues Sonia. Retrieved 29 October He demands that Malik immediately fire Rohit. Humne Rait Pe 3:

sitaro ki mehfil me gunjega tarana

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Archived from the original on 25 November Raj finds Sir ji’s number in Malik’s cell phone and makes a call.

They get engaged with the blessings of their family and friends. Her cousin Neeta Tanaaz Currim tries to help Sonia break out of vunjega depression by taking her out to explore the New Zealand nightlife. The music is also good, especially the title song and numbers such as Ek pal ka jeena and Chand sitare. They are eventually rescued by Saxena, who realizes their love for each other and does not approve.

Sitaro Ki Mehfil Me Gunjega Tarana Lyrics | Kaho Na Pyaar Hai –

Archived from the original on 14 October Before Raj can reveal the names of the people who killed Rohit, he is shot at again by one of the corrupt officers but is saved due to wearing a bullet-proof jacket. Mehfi learning her story, Raj decides to go with her back to India.


sitaro ki mehfil me gunjega tarana

Retrieved 25 February Pyaar Hai — Movie”. Rohit, who doesn’t know how to swim, drowns. Hume Tumse Pyaar Kitna 3: Kaho Na Pyar Hai Gunjeta 7: Rohit is an aspiring singer who works as a salesman in a car showroom, run by Malik Dalip Tahil.

The film was inducted in the Guinness World Records for winning the most awards for a feature film with a total of 92 awards received in numerous ceremonies and categories.

Chand Sitare Phul Aur Khushbu 2: Archived from the original on 15 February Screen Award for Best Screenplay.

AZ | Hindi Lyrics – Sitaro Ki Mehfil Me Gunjega Tarana lyrics (Kaho Na Pyaar Hai Album)

The reviewer for Filmfare rated it three-and-a-half out of five, and wrote, “Rakesh Roshan has come up with a winner. Retrieved 15 November Filmfare Award for Best Film. Please do so in the comments section below:.

sitaro ki mehfil me gunjega tarana

Following the release of the film, Hrithik became an overnight superstar. Just as Malik is about to reveal the truth about his connection to Saxena, he is shot by Saxena himself, who feigns anger gunjeba his daughter’s kidnapping.


Dil Ne Dil Ko Pukara Lyrics

In India, Kaho Naa Rakesh has taken the routine love story, added a thriller twist and narrated it with style. The rest of the gang isn’t much better. KNPH isn’t about path-breaking craft, it’s about blockbuster presentation. Sitato 29 October Udit NarayanAlka Yagnik.

sitaro ki mehfil me gunjega tarana

With this incident, Raj and Sonia realize that Rohit was murdered. Rakesh’s sweat and money are apparent in every frame. The ease and style with which nehfil dances, emotes, fights, makes one forget this is his debut film. Pyaar Haithe father-son duo have gone on to collaborate on films such as Koi