Users browsing this forum: Police are searching cars. They also hosted the pageant in , which also marked their best placement within that time period. But, we are not counting her out, yet! Angola — She is one of the most beautiful African contenders this year and had a decent preliminary performance. Leaving behind the political and social elements of the quasi-reality show that is called Miss Universe, here are the women who have been the hottest favorites of missosologists from all over the world, judging from photos, videos and social media platforms. Not only that, she is also equipped with a wit and charm that is always expected from the Philippines.

shooting missology

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One shooter is dead and a manhunt is on for a second gunman.

shooting missology

There is some sort of a lucky charm that Las Vegas holds for Mexico, and we feel that Denisse will benefit from that. What’s happening to our world My heart and thoughts goes to the families.

To kill all these innocent kids less than 2 weeks from Christmas What is exactly on the proverbial shooying table? Well, we have Sofia right here!!!

She will surely make a mark!

Connecticut Shooting

We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. After seeing her introduction video, we are convinced that her story is something that MUO would not let go! But, we are not counting her out, yet! She may lack the charisma of past Miss Universe Japan winners who did well internationally, such as Kurara Chibana, Riyo Mori, and Ariana Miyamoto, but, given the media mileage that she has achieved since winning the local crown, Momoko is definitely in the radar of MUO.


In the meantime, what do you think of our list? Dubbed as the greatest pageant fans in the world, Las Vegas will once again burst into thunderous cheers and applauses from Filipino fans when Rachel proudly carries the banner of the Philippines! Her national costume presentation was a show stopper, and we are yet to see how her Leo Almodal gown will fare in the competition.

IN PHOTOS: Miss Universe 2018 photo shoot at Dusit Thani Bangkok

God bless the child who suffers Yes, she is beautiful but with the current MU system, a story is just as important as your evening gown and catewalk. With Thailand and Indonesia now catching up, Malaysia is just a shadow among the Southeast Asian countries.

shooting missology

She can be a Wild Card entry, though! Her preliminary performance was better compared to some hyped delegates, and her black evening gown was one of the best! We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Miss Universe Hot Picks. She is also fluent in English, which makes it even easier for her to enter the final cut!

This year-old high school graduate has the dream of winning Miss Universe, and we hope that her victory can bring joy and happiness to her constituents back in Mexico, who recently suffered from a devastating earthquake.


shooting missology

During the 65th edition of Miss Universe, which was held earlier this year, most if not all, of the Top 13 qualifiers in the first cut had interesting stories. At 18, she represented French Guiana at Miss France and won against 29 other entrants representing the provinces and territories of France all over the world.

Man of the World.

The 66th Miss Universe Final Hot Picks

Today’s shooting occurred at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, which includes students in grades from kindergarten through misslogy grade.

Yes, she is affected by the recession, just like any other Venezuelans, but she took this unfortunate situation as a way to be able to help others. Leaving any superstition behind, we believe that Denisse is more than capable of winning the crown from Mexico after seven years of waiting.

Even at a young age, Monalysa has the maturity of a young adult. How could someone missologh this to children? Will Monalysa achieve a better result than her?

Color scheme by ColorizeIt! No other Asian delegate this year can match the packaging of Maria. Board index All times are UTC.