Shes a good actress.!!! The script writer used the “Hero” technique, which included multiple short stories in one drama. But as it gets along, the show becomes a little draggy. It was quite refreshing. They are such great actresses. As an added incentive, their department is located in the nether regions of the company – in the basement, and is in fact a disused store room. Views Read Edit View history.

shomuni ost

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Jobs include replacing used toilet rolls, changing light bulbs, organizing company outings, and other menial tasks.

Shomuni Soundtrack (1998) OST

Grows on You [Rating: It features high-and-mighty female secretaries, personnel department heads with a zeal for cutting costs in the company, incompetent executives at the helm of the company who have love affairs Comments by jaycee [Rating: But as it gets along, the show sohmuni a little draggy. A real feminist type of drama.

It’s senseless, but brilliant. I kind of like office drama though so I enjoyed watching this one. Reviewed by shari on 14 November Again, no info on how she ended up there.

• Shomuni () Soundtrack OST •

Only watch this if you can let go of yourself and enter the world of odd charachters and silly situations. Reviewed by eiko on 8 July Has a complicated social life and is very good with shlmuni.


Click here to suggest a video for this drama YouTube videos only. Himukai Rie – The most interesting character in Shomunika.

This is the drama that is closest to an anime that I’ve ever watched.

shomuni ost

GA-2 is called “the graveyard for female office ladies”, simply because it is the place where female employees are dumped should they mess up big time elsewhere. In one word, I would describe this dorama as “facetious”! The supporting cast adds a further dash of deliriousness. Dot A hilarious drama that makes you laugh for every episode! It’s a comedy which showcases seven Shomuni -which is a short form for shomunika, or “General Affairs Section 2” – employees usually people talk about the 5 pretty and 1 not so pretty females and forget about the male section chief and their ordeals and private lives.

Jobs include replacing used toilet rolls, changing light-bulbs, organizing company outings, among other menial stuff. Retrieved from ” https: My only reservation regarding this dorama is the lack of an overall story arc but when you want a refreshing change from somber melodramas the goofy antics of Shomuni may just lighten your mood with lots of laughter. Nobody knows how she ended up in Shomuni because presumably she has been there for so long.

They are such great actresses. Comments by kaonashi [Rating: Views Read Edit View history.


shomuni ost

The Storyline is non-existent, but each plot is entertaining and well written. I think this is one of the best dorama. Hikara this drama though somewhat repetative, showed great taste in how may or may not act towards one another, the comedy is very tasteful. Esumi Makiko’s character in Tsuboi Chinatsu is so straightforward and nonchalantly raunchy that it serves as the anchor to the rest of the characters. Please understand that you may find out about this drama’s endings and plots!

‎TV Drama “Shomuni” Original Soundtrack Vol.2 by Michiru Oshima on Apple Music

Comments by laramatsu [Rating: A funny and very enjoyable show. Save for caring for a female tabby cat, he is an old man who appears to be only interested in waiting for his retirement age while idling in the GA-2 office.

Led by the same actress Esumi Makiko as the main protagonist, this season were completely backed up by a total new cast as supporting.