Slower copying of files locally and in a network 3, files copied. False warnings or blockages when visiting websites samples used. All these facets also give companies the option to easily collect statistics about data access. Enterprises integrated with such capabilities are bound to be at the forefront of bolstering data security, winning customer confidence and complying to data protection laws. Data Loss Prevention Secures confidential data and prevents the leakage of business secrets to avoid losses.

seqrite endpoint security

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With Seqrite DLP, enterprises can now accurately monitor data events in real-time and enforce security policies that are managed centrally.

Seqrite End Point Security (EPS) | ICSA Labs

Digital transformation, data-rich vaults, easy access to financial information are only a few reasons out of many due to which businesses have become sought-after targets for attackers. Hence, securing them from advanced, treacherous threats is vital. Post- Budget Reaction Enterprises can securuty superior mSuite capabilities such as remote device management and control, single console management for all devices and reliability in mobile security and anti-theft reactivity.

Impact of the security software on the usability of seqrtie whole computer lower values indicate better results More information. This differentiated value proposition makes Seqrite Endpoint Security the perfect security solution for organizations looking to ensure that their endpoints are well-protected without hampering business output and productivity. This connectivity ensures that IT security policies are upheld at all times.

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You can also push password resets for all the users remotely. DLP also has the additional benefits of bringing down costs by making security management as simple as possible, and of enabling sensitive data visibility across the enterprise.


We always used the most current publicly-available version of all products for the testing.

seqrite endpoint security

Seqrite, a specialist provider of endpoint security, network security, enterprise mobility management and data protection solutions, has been recognized by the prestigious AV-Test Institute in Germany. Subscribe to Our Newsletter. False warnings concerning certain actions carried out whilst installing and using legitimate software 62 samples used. The real reason however behind the genesis of Seqrite was the worrying intensity and volume of malware that Quick Heal had analysed through its reports, which would penetrate the enterprise in the coming years and bring it to a standstill.

Quick Heal Seqrite End Point Security (EPS) For Business, Rs /unit | ID:

Hence, continuing on their mission of safeguarding businesses as now consumers from cyber threats, Quick Heal developed an entire new suite, which we now know as Seqrite. Budget Impact On IT. Avast Mobile Security does it again! EPS is an extremely well thought of concept that has taken into account a combination of factors that may affect enterprise endpoints — endpoints are critical components in an enterprise network and are most prone to attacks.

seqrite endpoint security

Our MSS offers wide variety of proactive seqrjte to address core security concerns. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. With this protocol, enterprises can monitor Office files, graphic files, programming files, confidential data, and implement customized user-defined dictionaries for data monitoring.


seqrite endpoint security

Epson announces its first inch dye sublimation printer August 23, Performance Average influence of the product on computer speed in daily usage More information.

From the past 25 years, the latter has been on a mission to safeguard its consumers from advanced cyber threats. Seqritf blockages of certain actions carried out whilst installing and using legitimate software 62 samples used. They were allowed to update themselves at any time and query their in-the-cloud services.

DLP allows companies to counter data threats that originate from inside sources such as outgoing emails, Instant Messengers, web-based applications and USB drives. DLP provides regular and timely user notifications so as to reinforce preset security compliance policies and to adjust user behavior as per the protocols in place.

The solution has especial relevance within emerging businesses, where the networks often have enfpoint significant percentage of endpoints with older OS and low hardware configurations.

Quick Heal Seqrite End Point Security (EPS) for Business

March 06, In: All certified products are tested in accordance with the most cutting-edge technologies and with utmost diligence, and have a global reputation for providing the best-possible protection against current threats.

Moreover, enterprises can achieve this without disrupting employee productivity. The attributes are available under one platform ensuring that organizations get the best endooint protecting their network endpoints.