Dictionary icon in the popup window New: With QTranslate, you can translate chunks of text to any desired language or translate specific words. Also, you can open the main window and type text manually. The program has two modes of translation by mouse selection click on the program icon in the system tray to turn this mode on:. Urban Dictonary service Updated: Bulgarian, Japanese, and Polish localizations Fixed: But more than speed and accuracy, both of which the app scores high on, the program’s ability to determine what language the text is and to undertake translations within mere seconds is most impressive.

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Holo Light and Holo Dark themes Fixed: Microsoft translation service Fixed: Show icon Select text in any program, the program icon will appear near the cursor. After selecting a paragraph you can have not only the translation but also the computer read it out for you it somehow recognizes qfranslate language and has a good pronunciation and also copy at a left click, very handy.

Click here to review our site terms of use. The amount of characters you can paste into it is very limited compared to google translate online 10, Summary This is an invaluable tool for language learning and it makes redundant carrying and browsing through hefty dictionaries or switching windows for typing unknown words.


QTranslate crash when listening to text. Clear history on exit option.

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Added ‘Translate’ and ‘Listen’ menu items to the edit menu New: Yandex translation new line issue Fixed: Increased text chunk size for better text listening experience. The program has two modes of translation by mouse selection click on the program icon in the system tray to turn this mode on:. Translation can be added to favorites in instant mode Improved: Moreover, it gives the option of using back translation to check whether the text did not lose its original sense.

History navigation issue Fixed: A big Bravo to the developers and thanks for offering it free of charge. Default browser list is empty Updated: Want to hear the word’s pronunciation?

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QTranslate is a translator for Windows. Services qhranslate in the dictionary window New: XDXF dictionaries support New: Google Translate translation of the last sentence for some languages and romanization Fixed: Yandex and SDL translation services Updated: Dreaming of an ad-free web? Reading a newspaper in a foreign language and unsure of a word? Portuguese Europian localization New: When listening to the same text a second time, services will play the words at a slower speed Improved: Fortunately, the program has a user-friendly interface that entails no difficulty, even for beginners.


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Help us by reporting it. When QTranslate is running on one account and you switch to another, QTranslate will not start. Main window is not on taskbar after qtrnslate restart if is closed to tray on Windows XP Fixed: What’s new in 5.

Baidu translation service New: Dictionaries are downloaded from the sourceforge. Whether I copy and paste the text into the application, or use the pop-up that appears whenever QTranslate is already active, the app takes care of determining the language and making translation appear in just a few seconds.

While that can be annoying, the real problem arises when you want to use the popup, and a few seconds after displaying a translation it disappears.