The PyLit tool is perhaps the very best approach to simple Literate programming, since it leverages an existing lightweight markup language and it’s output formatting. The weaver will insert appropriate markup for this code. The tangler will assure that the prevailing indentation is maintained. This is the current implementation. If the program and the documentation have a common origin, then the traditional gaps between intent expressed in the documentation and action expressed in the working program are significantly reduced. A Chunk is woven or tangled by the Web.


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A Command is created by the WebReaderand attached to a Chunk.

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Norman Ramsey’s noweb http: If a positional argument is given, that dictionary is used for logging. This application performs three major actions: This gives us the flexibility to create a simple sequence of actions and execute any combination of these. Each token that appears to be a command is passed to the handleCommand method. A Chunk is woven or tangled by the Web. This will then let us build an appropriate instance of OutputChunk. The most typical use for this is shown in the following example:.


Everything else is documentation. His approach was to combine Pascal code with T e X documentation to produce a new language, WEBthat offered programmers a superior approach to programming. The second is finding the named chunk in the web structure.

PyWeb in Launchpad

The next text is therefore part of an anonymous chunk. The string split method will put a trailing zero-length element in the list if the original block ended with a newline.

This allows subclasses to do overrides on the actual file processing. Note that a named chunk may be created through a number of d commands.

pyWeb Literate Programming 2.3

Assuming that you have marked pyweb. These are described in Expression Context.


HTML simple cross reference markup pyeb In particular, RST requires this. These additional methods are also included that are used exclusively when weaving, never when tangling. Everything that’s not explicitly a code chunk is simply output without modification. This is followed by more detailed usage information. An instance of the CodeCommand class is lyweb block of program source code text.


This class follows the Template design pattern. If this is not found, a standard type of error message is raised.


Delegates come in three forms:. The chunkXref method uses the same algorithm as a the fileXref method, but applies it to the named mapping.

The references template writes pywdb list of chunks that refer to this chunk. The write method is the lowest-level, unadorned write. An instance of this class is one of the three standard actions available; it generally is the default, “do everything” action.

InKnuth introduced the idea of literate programming and described a pair of tools to support the practise Donald E.

If there was no previous file or the files are different: This breaks the input into blocks of text separated by the. A SimpleRerence does no additional processing, and locates the proximate reference to this chunk.