Now, they could load nearly any piece of code using savefiles. I have a psp with firmware 5. Man, i just bough a psp is it true that this type cannot play the games saved in the memory stick? If you want to check if HEND is loaded, check your ‘system firmware version’, it should read 2. For those of you who are new to the concept of hacked PSPs, custom firmware might not sound so familiar. My bad, I forgot to give you the rest of the info.

psp firmware 1.50 file eboot

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[PSP-1000] Create an original Pandora kit and downgrade to 1.50

If your System Version reads ‘3. LCS for this method. Also can u tell me what custom firmware would eboof game work the best on. The downgrader will auto-detect and patch your PSP if it is needed before the downgrade begins.

Downgrading / Installing Custom Firmware On PSP | Tricks “N” Tips

Formatting your memory stick will erase ‘ everything ‘ on it. Thanks please email me with your response at nick-cb live.


The recent FW 1. I’ll still just go thru the new ‘features’ if you can call them that. This information is only needed if you need to use the 2. If that happens, re-load the installer. Hi, I’ve a PSP.

psp firmware 1.50 file eboot

You will get a corrupt settings error with a blue background. Also, we’ve got hold of the PBP format version the one you can save on your PC so you can think twice pep going through with the update.

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When downgrading to 1. What firmawre Custom Firmware?? Rename the FW 1. You should have a Firmware 1. Is your method part 2 applicable on this unit. If your PSP crashes, do a hard reboot and try again.

Downgrading / Installing Custom Firmware onto your PSP.

This means we can open Easy Downgrader through xLoader in a moment. All downgrades should be successful if you follow the instructions carefully and correctly.

psp firmware 1.50 file eboot

I have a psp and a version 4. When you turn your PSP back on you will get a corrupt settings error with a blue background. Can anyone help me with the updating process?

If you have a ‘custom wallpaper’, try setting one as it may increase the chances of HEND loading. Downgrade a PSP to 1. If HEND successfully loaded, you will see a blue screen and then either: Hi I have a psp slim with official 150 5. Right click the RAR file you downloaded earlier and choose ‘Extract files Scroll down to ‘System Settings’ and press ‘X’ 3.


When you turn your PSP back on you will get a corrupt settings error with a blue background. Im trying 2 hack my psp. Search it on Google.

Check this article to see if your game is patched or not, or just insert it in your PSP and look what Firmware version it contains 2. You can upgrade to Firmware 2. Games can now be grouped and displayed in folders based on format under [Game].