I figure out the first is an ontology importing problem, but how did you solve it? Thank you for that Massi! In three cases, it gave this message: Introduced new work-flow, removing need to pre-create Actions. Request new password Upcoming events No upcoming events available more Popular content Today’s: Minor changes to form layout.

protege 3.4.4

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I know that this mail is a complete chaos, but pardon me, it’s 3 a. Added short pause between processing steps for better user interface performance. If I create an annotation for OWLExporter containing some profege of a not-declared datatype The triple will not be exported and there would be no inferencing on the expression. Fixed some licensing issues.

protege 3.4.4

What’s the difference in saying true or false? Swapped results retrieval and addition order so that Complaints are added after Unsubscribes and overwrite if they exist. Except protee otherwise noted, all original content on this site is copyright by its author and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.


I could find them all in just one of them.

Fixed issue where progress bars where not displaying correctly. Added logging of unmatched recipients. As pritege previous version, I needed to zip the classes in the jar, and it began to “try working”.

Thanks again for your patience Massi! Re-coded application update function to add the version number to package file. All other properties datatype or object need to already exist in the ontology for relations to be created. And it is case sensitive. Improved handling of time-zone offsets. Updated application data file schema to version 9.

[jade-develop] RE: Protege Ontology – use of optional slots

MailChimp and Campaign Monitor. Added integrated assembly registration on install. Implemented immediate 14 day trial licensing license key not required.

protege 3.4.4

Thank you U’re welcome Various changes to improve reliability and speed. U gave me portege nice confirmation, thanks: Upgraded Sqlite assemblies to 1. Printer-friendly version PDF version Hi anyone!

Springbaud Release Notes

Shall all Datatype properties be declared previously The owl exporter creates an “id” datatype property that is corresponds to the id created by GATE for a protegf entity in the corpus. Fixed issue where uploaded records flagged as Requests No Email were not marked Unsubscribed under some circumstances. Could not get ontology from URL: Fixed issue where invalid upload query renders application disabled.


Updated Help and documentation to reflect Reports changes. Thank you for that Massi!

protege 3.4.4

Fixed an issue where some campaign results were not being retrieved correctly due to an incorrect date filter. In three cases, it gave this message: Recoded initial startup sequence protgee include manual connection tests. If you have arrived here because Springbaud was unable to perform an automatic version check, it’s likely that your network firewall or proxy settings are blocking Springbaud’s request to our server.