Firmware Upgrade The next icon is Firmware Upgrade. The next icon is Upgrade. Printer Status If you click this after selecting a USB Print Server, a new window will open and the basic status of the printer will be displayed. This is the type of wireless network to which you will be connecting. There are two panels within this screen: You will then need to enter your Key or Keys.

print server biadmin

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Logical Port Logical Ports printers can be used in the Unix environment. After setting up the wireless settings of your PrintServer, perform a power cycle.

Exit The last icon is Exit.

Bi-Admin Management Utility

At the top of the main Bi-Admin Management Utility screen, there is a menu bar with four options: This allows you to configure the following options: Physical Port The following settings can be modified for Physical Port: This is the printer port number for all Internet print jobs.


If an icon is grayed out, that option or protocol is unavailable. Refer to the details in the Status icons area for more information. The next pirnt is AppleTalk.

Logical Port Logical Ports printers can be used in the Unix environment. Ad-Hoc if you want the PrintServer to communicate without using an access point or wireless router.

Navigating the Bi-Admin Management Utility

The first screen will prompt you for a Pfint Name and a Domain Name. Refer to the instructions below. There are seven icons available: Type the same network key configured on the router, then click OK.

This determines how often the e-mail account should be checked for print jobs.

Wireless USB Print Server User Guide

The last tab is Wireless. You will then need to select either 64 or bits for your Key Length. If this is selected defaulta banner page is printed to identify the owner of the print job. Click Mainthen select Printer Prinh.


print server biadmin

Mail Server IP Address: The basic options are: You can select or deselect the checkboxes within the Options area. To restore only the current screen, click Set to Default on that particular screen.

print server biadmin

You can select a specific Channel to broadcast on or select Auto. Click Main then select Configure. If you need to make any changes, you can configure the following settings: MainInitDeviceDiagnosticand Help.

This closes the Bi-Admin Management Utility. NO default will try to continue, but may cause print errors. A password may be required to access sercer information.

print server biadmin

Select the physical Printer Prin that the Logical printer will use. Hex values are defined as A-F and Make sure there is a DHCP server on the network.