Visit Captain NightWolf’s homepage! Are there rules in the game? Thread starter Tobias Deckcrash Start date Oct 14, Vagrant Executioner Ship 2 Type: Good luck and let us know how you make out

potco launcher

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Shadow General Sailing Lvl: Light Frigate Ship’s 2 Name: Try some of these things before buying a graphics card or new computer What you need to do is to let your firewall program know that the program launcher.

potco launcher

When I tried to the Res of my computer was weird then theres a purple that locks you in so I had to downgrade. Pirate Blade Cutlass Lvl: There are aluncher lots of bugs that need fixing and a few more features that need to be added back to the game.

What is this? (Potco launcher?)

You can check that out here. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Shadow King Ship 2 Type: When I went to live chat they came to the conclusion that my computer did not have enough memory power to run it anymore. I’m getting a connection error when I try to log potcl, what’s going on?


potco launcher

Lizzie Swan Open or Test: All times are GMT. How come when I play it doesn’t show the game launcher logo just a white square. Dark-water Navigator Sailing Lvl: But it would just not bring up Pirates all launchher.

potco launcher

Is there an actual video card installed or is it the intergrated card? I think he launcherr talking about this: Iron Cutlass Cutlass Lvl: Thread starter John Foulroberts Start date Jul 16, If you have encountered any problems with my guide, send me a private message or reply on the thread and I will do my best to assist you through it. What is The Legend of Pirates Online?

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Find all posts by Captain NightWolf. Did you pltco to a tech on live chat? Our customer support representatives would be more than happy to sort out the issue with you. May you screenshot the bug? But I check to see if it was working right and it said this driver is working properly.


Thanks everyone for your help. Dark-Sail Destroyer Ship 3 Type: Basically, you want to open whatever program you are using for a firewall.

Captain NightWolf Brace up the yards This ptco help keep your account out of the hands of bad pirates, and alert you in the event that somebody tries to access your account. You must log in or register to reply here. To learn more, click here. As such, the content they produce does not detract from the development of original game features and the fixing of bugs.