Without such a query capability, only error-prone external configuration data is available. VGOOD indicates that a requested voltage change is complete. In fall more products are available. Others will be useful for runtime optimization, for example with server farms. It can then start the clock and issue a new transaction.

pmbus 1.2 spec

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pmbus 1.2 spec

Different devices will expose different attributes. Bit dominance is an industry terminology describing an open-drain bus, such that any slave that asserts a zero by pulling the open-drain data line low wins arbitration. All data values are 16 bit.

The first part gives an overview with particular reference to SMBus, while the second part goes into detail about all the commands defined for PMBus devices. Floating Point is more machine efficient, easier to work with in code, and industry standardized. Ultimately the pull down current is related to the bus capacitance and timing specifications.


Power Management Bus – Wikipedia

Unlike either of those standards, it defines a substantial number of domain-specific commands rather than just saying how to communicate using commands defined by the reader. In JanuaryPmbys was awarded a win in a patent infringement suit between them and Artesyn Technologies for the latter’s PMBus enabled converters.


Please improve this by adding secondary or tertiary sources. At full clock speed of 50MHz, the transaction rate for changing voltage is ns. In the simple configuration, each slave tries to reply, and bit dominance determines which slave wins. pmbhs

Power Management Bus

Floating Point is unambiguous and deterministic. Retrieved from ” https: With these features, several sprc of feedback can be used: As of summerPMBus is relatively new so not many products yet advertise support for it. This also speeds up transactions that move the output voltage.

A third configuration of GPC is used to query status using a mask. Serial buses Battery charging.

PMBusā„¢ Specifications: Older Specs

Potential PMBus users should investigate the issue for themselves. This configuration, called Group Mode, is used to find the largest, smallest, or most important information in a power system. The faster bus gives a 2. This is used to find the most critical fault in the power system. See the PMBus 1.

pmbus 1.2 spec

Programmers will no longer have to deal with multiple standards from different vendors. Articles lacking reliable references from September All articles lacking reliable references. This article relies too much on references to primary sources.


There are both standardized commands and manufacturer specific commands. There are three wires: Different dpec will offer different capabilities. It can then start the clock and issue a new transaction.

pmbus 1.2 spec

The purpose of AVS is to achieve the highest performance while using the least energy. All frames are 32 bits out, followed by 32 bits in. If the Working Group spef its goals, the pmbsu specification will complete its review process and be approved in early and announced at APEC in Fort Worth.

It also describes the models for managing output power and current, managing faults, converting values to and from the formats understood by a given device, and accessing manufacturer-provided information such as inventory data model and serial number, etc. Power-One claims that PMBus applications need a license from them. Some of them may just be used during manufacturing, to set up system-specific parameters used with reconfigurable power subsystems.