The very first episode starts out in a rather didactic fashion: In both, radio contact is finally established by improvised means. The series became very popular in Czechoslovakia and several other countries. It may not be exactly what humans would understand as a “ship”, though it is mentioned in the series that the day Maika appeared, Palomar Observatory noticed a small object moving with immense speed in Earth’s vicinity. After Maika’s departure, the series ends with two characters suddenly breaking the fourth wall and directly addressing the viewers.

phim maika co be tu tren troi roi xuong

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After Maika’s departure, the series ends with two characters suddenly breaking the fourth wall and directly addressing the viewers. Maika regularly flies, shows glowing eyes when she transmits what she sees to her home planet, and sometimes uses her automatic replicator which can copy material objects exactly apparently down to molecular level.

The series has numerous parallels with the popular movie E. Gustav and the Alienation: You are commenting using your Twitter account. While the publicity curiously does not seem to cause an instant world sensation, an unidentified foreign nation takes an interest in Maika, and their agents eventually attempt a kidnapping.

phim maika co be tu tren troi roi xuong

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Retrieved from ” https: Karol, the boy she has connected most closely with, helps her get to a glade in the woods where a phom of scorched earth indicates the place Felix originally came down. Lolek and Bolek never made it to Vietnam, but xuonh had the cartoon from the former Soviet Union with the rabbit and the wolf, this one: The relatively happy ending of the TV series departs from the original book, which ended on a sad note as instead of going home, Maika dies.


I shed quite a few tears as well each time she departed. At the end of the penultimate episode, Maika is once again weak, and worst of all, she is now even unable to communicate with the “system Felix” so that she can get a replacement stabilizer. So parents are discouraging daughters from getting advanced degrees or any degree at all sick!

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October 3, at In both, radio contact is finally established by improvised means. One of the coolest adventures they had was a ride in a rocket through the city. Trooi Majka missed us somehow! With her departure, the series closes, ut the kids are hopeful that in time, they will see their strange friend again. Instead her eyes start to glow and twinkle as she transmits her view of the eating kids to Gurun, and the report curiously also intrudes on all TV sets in the area, complete with the narration of “Felix”: The day she appeared, a strange aurora-like glow was seen over the nearby woods, and a peculiar mechanical voice speaking the word “Felix” intruded in local broadcasts.

October 3, 3 Comments. Maika herself is rather cooperative, regarding the kidnapping as an opportunity for her to learn more about tern culture.

In both, the kids initially try to hide the alien from the adults, he its existence is eventually revealed. In both, the story ends with a sad goodbye between the alien and the boy it has connected most closely with. She speaks so fast, even I almost have to be on edge to catch everything.


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Russian Movies (or A Short Story of Vietnamese Public TV)

Maika demonstrates extensive knowledge of encyclopedical facts about the human world, which she says have been derived from earthly radio broadcasts picked up by the Gurunians.

Luckily one of the kids is a radio amateur that has trne picked up the strange voice of the alien “system”, and he finally manages to make contact and inform Felix of the plight of their ambassador.

And Majka fits into this expectation perfectly. The series has been aired in several foreign countries first in in Norway under different names.

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Have you ever seen? In both, the alien is able to levitate things and flies with its newfound friends. She has a belt that contains her energy and knowledge of the universe including astrophysics and mathematics:.

phim maika co be tu tren troi roi xuong

After various demonstrations of her abilities, the rok community accepts that she is indeed an alien, and she even participates in a press conference. The TV series follows the book quite closely, except for the ending, which is changed from sad to relatively happy instead of dying, the protagonist goes back where she came from.

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