Additionally, it is the first undertaking in Indonesia, and among few studies from any setting, that explores the factors associated with secondary case detection in RACD [ 10 , 15 — 17 ]. User Username Password Remember me. There is no presentation of confidential or identifiable data in this manuscript. To inform malaria elimination planning in the context of this changing epidemiology, local assessments on the risk factors for malaria infection are necessary, yet challenging due to the low number of malaria cases. Supervision and guidance from the Department of Health is needed as a control in ensuring that the regulations are being properly implemented.

permenkes 856 tahun 2009

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For children under the age of 18, informed consent and the questionnaire were administered to a parent or guardian. For a proportion of those testing positive by P.

Open in a separate window. Purposeful selection of variables in logistic regression. Compared to non-cases, the six secondary cases were more likely to be male, report recent travel, be employed in forest-related work, have a workplace in or near the forest, and have visited the forest for any tshun in the prior month.

Laboratory testing results Of 42 slide-positive malaria cases reported through passive surveillance, 41 were ultimately confirmed microscopy positive on the second read 16 P. permenjes

Kepmenkes Thn Standar IGD – Free Download PDF

They shared the same risk factors as index perjenkes including recent travel, forest exposures, and occupations that required overnights in the forest, suggesting that infection was less likely due to local transmission in their village.


Survey of Anopheles mosquitoes Diptera: This study provided useful information on risk factors for malaria in Aceh Besar District, and will 22009 to inform malaria elimination planning in Aceh Besar District and Indonesia at large. Abstract Background As malaria transmission declines, it becomes more geographically focused and more likely due to asymptomatic and non-falciparum infections.

Reactive case-detection of malaria in Pailin Province, Western Cambodia: The effect of storage and extraction methods on amplification of Plasmodium falciparum DNA from dried blood spots.

Associated Data Data Availability Statement The datasets supporting the conclusions of peemenkes article are available and can easily be made available on request, when required.

Combining passive and active surveillance data, a total of 43 malaria cases were identified, including 15 Black dots indicate locations of study RACD events.

On information criteria and the generalized likelihood ratio test of model order selection. Indonesian Hospital is a health service facility to support the implementation of health efforts. Overall, bed net usage the night prior permebkes The positivity rate dropped beyond the index case house, with 0. In the final multivariable model, adult age, male gender, workplace near or in the forest requiring overnight stays, and visits to the forest in previous month for any reason were significantly associated with malaria infection.

Case—control studies are useful for assessing rare condition, but there is the challenge of identifying the appropriate control population and potential for recall bias.

Kepmenkes 856 Thn 2009 Standar IGD

Independent variables were divided into three categories: Lambung Mangkurat University Press. A purposeful selection approach was used to select the model of best fit. For the secondary case analysis, index case and RACD-level factors were also assessed including: Tahn positive, an additional high-powered fields were examined to determine species [ 29 ].


permenkes 856 tahun 2009

The datasets supporting the conclusions of this article are available tahhn can easily be made available on request, when required. Reactive case detection for malaria elimination: Other risk factors in these settings include: Conclusion In this setting, risk of malaria infection in index and RACD identified cases was associated with forest exposure, particularly overnights in the forest for work.

Maps were generated using QGIS version 2.

Availability of data and materials The datasets supporting the conclusions of this article are available and can easily be made available on request, when required. Discussion The primary risk factors for malaria infection in the low endemic, multi-species area of Aceh Besar District were adult age, male gender and forest exposures, particularly related to forest-related occupation permenkee overnight stays.

permenkes 856 tahun 2009

All extractions were performed in rooms separate from where amplification was conducted. In the future, better anticipation of decline in cases could prompt inclusion of neighbouring districts to improve sample size, which would also facilitate understanding of human movement across districts and its impact on malaria transmission.

It is pfrmenkes at that P. Basic sanitation, socioeconomic conditions, and degree of risk for the presence and maintenance of malaria in a low-transmission area in the Brazilian Amazon.