We have seen Chameleone try to get on stage with a horse and even the Kipepewo album launch where he was rolled down on the stage by electric wires all dressed like a butterfly. Ebintu Byange Lydia Jazmine 6, plays 4, downloads. He gave Nkuumira Omukwano his best effort before inviting Leilah Kayondo on stage. Yet despite having wonderful vocals and being extremely talented on the guitar, Aziz has never been quite the stage performer. My Baibe Vinka 5, plays 5, downloads. But surprisingly, when you approach a black gate on Plot 55B, all is quiet.

oxygen by aziz azion

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Omukululo Radio Tribute 18, plays 13, downloads.

Aziz Azion – My Oxygen free MP3 download |

Driving past Upper Kololo Terrace, one could not imagine that any of those sharp residences serves as a rehearsal centre for artistes.

No, in the end he just walked on to the stage like any other time. AK Never Be Forgoten 10, plays 9, downloads. Singa Ykee Bendaplaysdownloads.


Nsokayo Zanie Brownplaysdownloads. He first concentrated on showing his fans his vocal abilities. Tweets by eachamps Loading Kitte 12, plays 4, downloads.

Nyamba Irene Ntale 5, plays 4, downloads. Even inside the compound, it is quiet – no signs of rehearsals taking place.

Ngulina Rhizo Pass 1, plays downloads.

Aziz Azion

Trending This Week Nkwatako Sheebah. Ebintu Byange Lydia Jazmine 6, plays 4, downloads.

Buffet 9, plays 6, downloads. Omulembe 49, plays 35, downloads. Sit Down Anne Kansiime. Guwooma Radio and Weasel. Gunfumita 14, plays 8, downloads.

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Gimme Light Maurice Kirya. You May Also Like. Lillian Mbabazi and her The Sundowners also rehearse here weekly. Oh Na Na Ang3linaplaysdownloads.

Shuga Shuga 7, plays 3, downloads. Island Princess 4, plays downloads. Desire Luzinda also gave it a try, but the junky way she sounds when she is not lip-syncing had many focused on her elaborate curves instead.

Right Here Juliana Kanyomoziplaysdownloads. The rehearsal room is fitted with sound insulation, providing a lively platform to make music without noise pollution. Wakajanja Juliana Kanyomoziplaysdownloads.


My Baibe Vinka 5, plays 5, downloads. Masika said this was the most professional rehearsal she had ever been to.

Ntwala Out Shena Skies 1, plays 1, downloads. Was Aziz Azion going to pull a jaw-dropping stunt? Sunday Slick Stuart and Roja ft Toniks 2, plays 2, downloads.

oxygen by aziz azion

Amaaso Winnie Nwagi and Vinka 9, plays 8, downloads. He gave Nkuumira Omukwano his best effort before inviting Leilah Kayondo on stage.

oxygen by aziz azion

By the time Aziz performed Aaion Oxygen, he was once again out of breath and seemingly tired and many fans were walking out, save for a few diehards that cheered him.