Available in a number of different configurations and bundles, it could perhaps be easy to forget that T-rackS features emulations of the Fairchild , Teletronix LA2A and other classics slotted in amongst all the other processors, EQs and effects. ProC2 has a brilliant interface. Thanks for the additions Joe, good choices: BJ on October 5, 5: There are several really strong contenders for drum buss compression duties, and the Kramer PIE is certainly one of them. I admit, at first glance it looks about as exciting as a grey box with a smaller black box in it could look.

nightshine vst

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7 Best Free Compressor VST Plugin | Talkin Music

The Solid Mix bundle used to only run in Guitar Rig…. The original Fairchild compressor came about from a design by Rein Narma in generated while he worked on Les Pauls famous 8-track recorder — how many legendary innovations came out of that workshop?!

nightshine vst

Anyone else use it, or am I greatly mistaken that it should not have been in the Top 45? So why should there be more and more comp plugs appearing year after year? Stromkraft on Nighshine 26, 6: What sets this one cst is the way that it effortlessly tames the dynamics of vocals and ordinarily tricky instruments like acoustic guitars. I previously noted how this is one of the best plugins for increasing loudness and milking every spare dB from your tracks, and in a more crowded market Maximus continues to deliver the goods.


Take the compressors on this list as a round-up of the best options available intry out the nighthine or full versions, in the case of the free plugins on the list and decide which will make it into your regular go-to collection. No list of compressor plugins would be complete without mentioning one of the greatest software emulations of nightshjne hardware classic ever created. Lorenzo on March 8, 6: Whilst not necessarily the most natural-sounding compressor ever, this would be missing the point — on dance music and all electronic styles, this one really comes into its own.

TiteTrax on February 2, These babies are ridiculously amazing!

nightshine vst

A classic for rock mixes, the API would also be at home with most aggressive electronic genres today. One of the best software compressor summaries on the Internet.

NightShine – Alesis 3630 Style Compressor By discoDSP Now Free!

And who wants to fiddle about with graphic knobs, and nostalgic backward-kicking meters! Maybe even more transparent than Kotelnokov, and one of the cheapest.

An all-time favourite character compressor, and not just because it can do decent impressions of and Distressor sounds. Eschewing any direct nods to vintage designs, Mpressor is a thoroughly modern compressor with a sleek interface and some smart features like Anti Log switches to an alternate release curve for instant pumping effects and the ability to set the compression ratio to negative values for some classy and highly usable dynamic effects.


nightshine vst

Rumi on August 7, Howard Ellison on August 25, 7: But the Sonoris Mastering Compressor is above all that GUI one-upmanship, airily delivering sonic quality that will definitely impress your ears. What sets it apart from much of the competition is the style with which it imbues your source material with tasty analogue dynamics.

One of the most versatile and comprehensive compressors. Ideal for more gentle compression in situations where super-smoothness counts for more than in-yer-face aggressive processing. ProC2 has a brilliant interface.

Replace it with the ffpromb! David Keller on March 12, 1: James R Beavers on July 4, 7: As I own many of these, I think this is a good list.

SG on November 16, 4: Manny Gaser on June 5, 5: NightShine is missing from the list. One interesting feature is the ability to switch the plugins detector circuit between feedback and feedforward modes, echoing the difference between more vintage nightsine and more modern designs. Good list outside of missing that one.