So if you use it you should know exactly what you’re doing. If you want to add a new floor tile, a flower, a wall part or something like this to your item list, all you need is the appropriate artwork in BMP format and mulpatcher. The syntax of the file is quite easy to understand:. It should be looking like on the picture below. But instead a little batch file for windows starting verdata2mul.


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You can check the result immediately: For now we are interested in artswhich contains graphics of all items in game, so we mulpatchdr art. It’s “fresh” software what is about to be developed further.


Select one of the red numbers in the list window above, and right click it. A simple but necessary versioning control system Oh, this sounds scary, doen’t it?

Mulaptcher do not plan to redo the whole map. Of course the files bodyconf. Thanks again for cropping out all the unnecessary stuff.


Please feel free to go to our website where we have created a forum just about this. I’m not sure if there’s another way to minimize it without the gump so make sure you know a way OR mulpatfher not use the minimized version if you download this version.


Mulpatcher: Compressed Status Bar Gump

If you have comments about this document, or something to add or extend it, we will be glad to hear from you. So don’t ask for assistance for handling your graphics editor software and such.

To import a selfmade artwork into the art. About the bee and the elephant A multi is much like a template: About walls, flowers, and things to find on the ground Again a bunch of graphical data simply stacked one upon the other: Static tiles CAN be colored!

It does what it says: Go to Minoc and at first remove all dynamic tiles from the area using “.

MUO Patcher & MULPatcher | ServUO – Ultima Online Emulation

The file itself is pretty unstructured. To kulpatcher the proper artwork you may just load the gump into your graphics editor, turn it 45 degree clockwise and shrink it to approx.

Theese classes are defined here. Imagine you insert a graphic into art. Preparing the field Backups, backups, backups A simple but necessary versioning control system Prepare for animation patches A brief introduction into MUL and some other files anim.


Introducing new rideables There’s no general difference between rideables and other wearable iems. It’s use is as easy as meaningless.

Making your world static With the last chapter you cleaned up Minoc and rebuilt it to fit your imagination. Or you have to redo all your patches again.

SphereCommunity – [Basic Guide] Patching Multis from UOA/TXT Files

The rest is filled mostly with random values – giving you some very strange color effects. Because there’s another file, called ” body. HulkHoganKirby and Hollywood like this. Mulpatchee does this mean? MulPatcher used hexadecimal numbers while bodyconf.


You can find those files in your Ultima Online installation folder. Exporting and altering statics Avoiding LAG: Finally, you’re nearly done. Prapilk published some indepth tutorials about patching, even if they are somewhat outdated by now. They simply send a packet to the client telling it “display animation 0x3ff”.