BEKS February 23, , 4: Hi, You can upgrade to iOS 5. Buy a factory unlocked iphone and then sell yours if and when there is a working unlock for it. Guys i purchased IPhone 4 today. So I unlocked it through snow breeze I thought I was done I put the tmobile sim in and it says no service or one bar. Thanks admin For replying. Its still not release yet…i suggest u should try by using the Gevey sim…It the only solutions so far..

modem firmware 04.10.01

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Try the procedure to unlock your iPhone.

modem firmware 04.10.01

If iTunes successfully activates the iPhone, then it is factory unlocked. I have tried alot of place but no one can help.

Ultrasn0w For iOS 4.3.1 To Fix Signal Bar Issues; Will Be Released In Few Days

Sleep December 22,4: 04.1.001 to Mr fuck, now my iphone 4 on ios 4. I have a few Gavey SIM with me.

Thanks alot i see that there is not my country there though? And trying the gevey agaian. Should the phone be restored and then updated? The iphone one day stoped working. Also, it makes my Iphones sort of unstable and prone to crashing.


How to unlocked iphone 4 version 4.2.1 Modem Firmware 03.10.01 use Gevey Sim ?

There is one draw back is each time you turn off your iphone, you will need to do the unlock process which is very simple. We really need firmward unlock for 4. My life is bullshit and i cant even use my iphone.

Its still not release yet…i suggest u should try by using the Gevey sim…It the only solutions so far.

Unlock for iPhone 4 iOS Baseband in Works! – iPhoneHeat

I am seeing most of my removed apps on springbroad. Rumors are there that new turbo sim for So, i take it your advice would be to stay away from such websites, mentioned above?

Why would these companies have rights to do this. These big mean rich companies need to back off and let us have fun with our devices. Andy May 10, Every way I look there is a website stating the same: Gevey comes in three flavors:.

Ultrasn0w For iOS To Fix Signal Bar Issues Will Be Released In Next Few Days

Vaishnavi, Tell your friend to plug his iPhone to iTunes and update to 4. Currently there is not Gevey sim for Any unlock for I really need help with my Iphone 4.


modem firmware 04.10.01

I updated to 4. It causes no problems. I have accidentally upgraded my iphone 4 to 5.

Hez the Only hope for now given that GeoHot is busy wid Sony. Jim March 04.10.0, DaniJaffal September 27, This news is not accurate! Your iPhone is probably locked to OrangeUK. On a side note I have read a good Bit about people who are seeing if they can modify the activation tickets for Sam to work in any iPhone again as the people who were on the ball.

You can update to iOS 4.