Dragging with Left-mouse-button – zooming into the selected area Dragging with Left-mouse-button and Shift-key – moving to the specified offset Right mouse button – increasing the number of iterations preciseness Escape-key – reinitialization O-key – zoom out P-key – changing the active palette S-key – smoothing the transitions between iteration colors A-key – 5-point antialiasing of the image Notes: To start make sure the control panel and the drawing window do not overlap each other. When you release the mouse, the inside of the rectangle will be expanded to fill the entire image. If the case 2 applies, the pixel is assigned a color that represents a point that is possibly in the Mandelbrot Set; by default, this color is black, but the color can be set with the “Mandelbrot Color” submenu of the “Control” menu. So as you zoom in you should increase maxit. It can also save and load “Mandelbrot Settings” files, which are small files that contain specifications of all the data needed to reconstruct an image. To emphasize the structure, use Contrast.

mandelbrot applet

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Java applet for exploring the Mandelbrot set. Please use the presets below you still need Java.

Julia and Mandelbrot Sets

Now, I know you already clicked on that applet! The larger you make it the better is the resolution of the fine structure of the Mandelbrot set, and the smaller you choose it the faster the program runs. On the other hand, of course the larger you choose it the longer the computation will take. To be able to run any applet independently of a web browser, just add the following main method into the class source: There are infinite number of Julia fractals, each mandelbdot corresponds to one point of the Mandelbrot fractal.


The object of the program is to find an interesting region and to make its structure visible — and beautiful — with well-chosen apllet. It also assumes that MBNetServe.

Mandelbrot Viewer The applet on this page is the latest version of my Mandelbrot Viewer application. March 28, It can take a long time to compute some Mandelbrot images. As you zoom in, you will have to increase MaxIterations, and you will want to use the Palette Editor to adjust the colors.

The default is to open a new listener after the connection is closed and wait for another connection. January 04, A bounded sequence may or not have a limit. In the dialog box, check the option labeled “Enable Networking”.

mandelbrot applet

That spectrum corresponds to iteration numbers ranging from 0 to maxit This assumes that you have an account on cslab1. So try zooming for a bit!

Mandelbrot Java Applet

By the way, if you are working with very large images, you might need to tell the java virtual machine to use more memory than it ordinarily would. MBNetServe will shut itself down after 30 minutes of inactivity, so applet don’t have to worry about shutting it down.


Pretty URLs adds 0.

Ooh didn’t show up in my Firefox browser. In a few seconds, this should change to “Connected. Autopilot Select “Auto” for Auto-mode the Applet will choose an area to zoom into automaticallyor “Manual” to select interesting regions yourself with the mouse.

The applet is pretty simple, and allows you to zoom in and out and change the dwell limit. The fact that the discrepancy is so high suggests that the rectangle contains significant structure. If case 1 applies, then the pixel is assigned a color that depends on the number of iterations that were done. For each corner we have the number of iterations it took to classify the corner. However, if you do want to shut down the server remotely, you can do so by using a special “-shutdown” option on the MBNetServe program.

mandelbrot applet

You can turn off this behavior, if you want, using the “Enable Subpixel Sampling” command in the “Control” menu. The port number is only necessary if different from the default, Each host can be specified as a host name or IP address optionally followed by a colon and a port number. It breaks that mandelgrot into four subrectangles.

The computation will start immediately.