From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. We commercialised pantsula wear. Retrieved from ” https: Each of the members makes shout outs to their families and very often to the bible. To be remembered for originality. Ka meapa ka di phala ka di tshipi re tla wotla Ka meropa ka di phala ka dikeng kedeng keng keng re tla ho beta Ka meropa ka di phala ka di king kiding king king re tla wotla Ka meropa ka di phala ka di kong korong kong kong re tla ho beta Ka meropa ka di phala ka di kung kudung kung kung re tla wotla [Verse 2] Usemncani we magasman, Usemncani we magasman, usemncani we magasman, usemncani we magasaman. Hey magasman uya jaroza, Hey magasman uya jaroza.

magasman by trompies

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Who is the peacemaker?

magasman by trompies

Hey magasman amgasman joroza, Hey magasman uya joroza. How do you describe Kwaito? Written 7 March This page was last edited on 9 Augustat In the 90s, Trompies were more than a music group, they were an entire movement and TshisaLIVE has got the juice on them!

When we talk about legendary actors Do you have the ultimate favourite song by Trompies? Why the Modiselle sisters still live with their fam While most of us were itching to leave the nest, one of Mzansi’s most popular kagasman say the secret to happiness is actually staying with mama at Jairos used to be the problem child.


Yo, Trompies Fan Club. Hey magasman uya trompiies, Hey magasman uya jaroza. Lately it’s Jakarumba and Mjokes. Each of the members makes shout outs to their families and very often to the bible.

Trompies – Wikipedia

The original rocksters, we had the most fun with our clothes on. A burst pipe or a free car wash? We grew up together in Ndofaya. Hip Hop in the Post-Apartheid City. Polygamist Musa doesn’t have threesomes with his wives An ambiguous post on Instagram from Musa Mseleku’s third wife, MaKhumalo, set the internet in a bit of a trompues after they assumed that she was hinting Who has been responsible for your most iconic choreography? How would you describe who Trompies is to a year-old child?

We guarantee some exclusive info, Struu God! Retrieved from ” https: What legacy does Trompies want to leave in S.

And, if you ask your parents what song they were grooving to at Mam’Brenda’s tavern when they met, they’ll most probably name a Trompies track. We commercialised pantsula wear 8.


Magasman feat. Lebo Mathosa

Hey magasman uya jaroza. Their use of the vernacular is a conscious attempt to address the social, political, and economic issues that impact marginalized communities in ways that hold particular meaning for them. Where did the name Trompies come from? Skip to main content.

Trompies – Magasman Lyrics | Bimba

Trompies has helped shape what we now know as kwaito. Ka meapa ka di phala ka di tshipi re tla wotla.

We commercialised pantsula wear. London; Ann Arbor, MI: Spikiri also an original member.

magasman by trompies

Hey magasman uya joroza [Verse 1] Ka meropa, ka di phala, ka di gong di tshipi, re tla wotla. Two of the group members had previous performing experience magasmqn dancers in the bubblegum group of Chicco Twala, and a third was the keyboard player for popular South African reggae artist Lucky Dube.