Do not try to run your application from the “Unix” folder. Yes, SheepShaver originally appeared for BeOS in as a commercial application first as shareware, then via the now long-defunct BeDepot. To use full-screen mode by default, hold down the Option key when launching Mac OS 9, and set the screen size option to full-screen. After a few seconds, the file should be copied to the Mac OS 9 desktop. If your file has the extension. For disk images used for games or software installation: For a similar, experimental system that runs System 7.

mac os 9 sheepshaver

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General information What is SheepShaver? Either hold down the Option key when starting the application and follow the prompts; orif you only want to mount a disk image temporarily, create a folder on your home folder named ” System Disks ” without the quotation marks. However, this system has other methods. Firstly, SheepShaver doesn’t run under Windows. After downloading and setting up the repository you can, for example, try to compile the Unix version of SheepShaver: It adds two desktop images that are used by the supplied AppleScripts.

Again, the disk image must have the extension. If you want to o in touch with me about the AppleScript used in this system, then please visit this page.

I assume that you know something about Mac OS and don’t need any advice from me. If, when you start the application, you shfepshaver a long error message that includes the string ” translocation “, then you must move the application to some other folder and, if you want, move it back before you run it.


Drag into that folder the disk images that you want to mount in System, and launch the System app. Please do not mav me to help you customize the “classic” Mac OS or advise you about any applications. You can receive notices about Git commits by watching the repository on GitHub.

SheepShaver – Wikipedia

Folder Action Scripts folder. What you are trying to do is mount the image as a disk for use in the system. An older version, with a slightly different feature set suitable for single-user systems or for installation sheepshaevr the home folder of different users, is available here.

When SheepShaver opens, you will probably need to use the Monitors control panel to select the size that you want especially if you select the full-screen option.

To toggle between windowed and full-screen mode, press Ctrl-Option-Enter. If you are using a PowerPC-based system, applications will run at native speed i. You may copy the Mac OS 9 application to your Applications folder or run it from anywhere else. Supported systems SheepShaver runs with varying degree of functionality on the following systems: The last command creates links inside the “SheepShaver” source tree to files in the sheesphaver tree which are shared between both emulators.


You can hold down the Option key while launching the application in order to access an options menu. To add or replace a disk image with the System system: This system uses a special build of SheepShaver that does not use the Preferences pane.

mac os 9 sheepshaver

If your disk image has some other extension, change it to. For a similar, experimental system that runs System 7. Please ask for support in the E-Maculation support forum for SheepShaver.

MacOS 9 and SheepShaver for Mac

The custom build of SheepShaver used in this application uses this key-combination instead of the standard SheepShaver toggle key Ctrl-Enter. This is the effect of a new macOS security feature.

mac os 9 sheepshaver

After downloading and setting up the repository you can, for example, try to compile the Unix sheepshavet of SheepShaver:. Shsepshaver follow the prompts to add the image as an additional disk, and choose the option to leave the image in its present location and link it to the application.

Most of the menu items are self-explanatory. I’m not a Windows programmer. The easiest thing to do is copy the application to your Applications folder. The included build of SheepShaver was built by Ronald P.