I put the game into C: Did I miss something or is there a missing file? March 9, at Then after you saved, start the translation patch and save it in the same folder as your start. People keep saying to paste a code in somewhere but I never receive a prompt to input such a code — I just get the missing DVD error, and clicking Yes just brings it up again ad infinitum. January 9, at Since I forgot to say this, thanks Admin for the upload.

koi to senkyo to chocolate english patch

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Than you are not running start. Now the game should work. With that it will chocokate you to restart the computer to apply the updates, do that and re-launch the game.

Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate Free Download « IGGGAMES

Apparently, the one problem I had was actually trying to put the damn thing on C:. May 6, at 8: Extract the rars again then follow usual procedures by running patch with admin and finding and applying it to where the folder of where the game is located.

Got that error when i try to run it in win 10 with Locale Emulator, what to do? Had to close the game before it CDTstart again and fortunatelly the hard save was ok.


Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate Free Download

So that means I have to redownload the Patch right? December 1, at 1: Anyway… what i had to do was install a new W8 VM chocloate follow the exact same method, this time… tk my last try replacing the start. Basically, you ran a jap lang games by right-clicking the usual.

This version removes all of the h-scenes, but it leaves in any nudity outside of those scenes, and the CG gallery seems to be unmodified. Do this have a solution???

Did you downloaded it from here, or from somewhere else as well? December 7, at 7: Does anybody know how to get successfully run the game? December 11, at December 17, at It is working perfectly fine on my windows 7 64 bit though I am using a way older version englosh the game I chocoalte this game on my hard drive when it first came out, not sure if they had patched it since then.

koi to senkyo to chocolate english patch

They should all be included in this update. December 21, at 6: January 9, at Actually the iso isnt working right on all 5 of my test platforms. You are commenting using your Facebook account. For those who downloaded the game via the 17 different parts, make sure to move all of the files into one single folder before running the application.


It just kills my enthusiasm right out the gates.

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You are commenting using your Twitter account. January 15, at 1: For the ones getting the disk error dowload this file and then extract it in the game folder and run the game with KoichocoHook. Link to the patch: And got to the point where the patch says finished and put game on start menu and that read me message. December 17, at 3: Get ready to copy and paste this.

This is for anyone who are having problems getting the insert DVD error. March 7, at 9:

koi to senkyo to chocolate english patch