Measure angles, distances and times manually or use semi-automated tracking to follow the trajectories of points on the video. I would like to start using it and stop with the dialoge More. Friends Check our these cool projects: Quite intuitive to use, good graphic tools. Export your analysis to spreadsheet formats for scientific study and further processing. Download and installation help.

kinovea ita

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I have been working on this project in some shape or form sinceand I’m blown away that over the years it has been downloaded more than a million times, used by thousands of athletes, jta, students, physical therapists and is cited in hundreds of research papers!

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kinovea ita

I would like to start using it and stop with the dialoge More reviewed onFebruary 5, Versions Kinovea comes in two flavors: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.

Would be great if it didn’t crash so easily during saving. Compare Observe two videos side by side and synchronize them on a common event. User reviews about Kinovea. Nice tool but unfortunately it crashes easily when saving the end result vi d.

Crashing during save More. The source code for Kinovea is versionned using Mercurial and hosted publicly on Bitbucket.


Software Installation Guide

Crashing during save More reviewed onFebruary 2, I have been using it via my mini iPad, excellent feedback suppo rt information More reviewed onDecember 23, The main difference is that the beta version contains more experimental features, doesn’t have a fully linovea manual, and the file format is evolving. I would like to start using it and stop it the dialoge More. Kinovea is a free software under the GPL v2 license. Kinovea takes a fair amount of time and energy and I appreciate every bit of support!

We strive to build a software simple enough for use in classroom and powerful enough for olympic training. Kinovea is a free video player that has been created especially for sports professionals and their trainers. I have been using it via my mini iPad, excellent feedback suppo rt information More.

You do not have to ask for permission to use it in your research, university courses, bike fit shop, physical therapy clinic, or any other business or hobby activity. Patrons get access to occasional screenshots and discussion of early work in progress and intermediate test-builds that are sometimes made to attempt to fix a specific bug or test a way to implement a feature.


Klnovea have a look at license. There are lots of great features to manipulate so that sports professionals can gain an informed insight into the way that they perform and see how they could do even better in the future.

kinovea ita

Kinovea is completely free and open source. Releases are spaced out pretty far apart, every 6 months to a year. Quite intuitive to use, good graphic tools. CONS Understanding the graphs can be tricky. Dreaming of an ad-free web? Uta You a Sporting Pro? The beta version also includes: Kinovea Free Software for Sports Professionals.

Silent Installation of Kinovea : ManageEngine Desktop Central

Have not used it yet look forward to seeing the athletes in slow motion to check their form and posture under different sho oting stages. Sports professionals are sure to get a real kick out of using Kinovea. Your review for Kinovea. Free Download for Windows.