The bottom line is, before we ask for more from God, let us be grateful for the much he has given us. This songs sheds light on a facet of salvation that many people know nothing about— befriending God. She was destined to be a gospel artist being a talented singer who was born in a Christian family. Usiku, usiku, na mchana.. This song is a plea to God to speak to her servant because when God speaks she gets peace and experiences a rare joy. Mutsembi Manundu, who was an equally powerful man of God.

kambua nyumbani mp3

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Blessings and shows the celebration of a life well-lived.

Most popular Kambua songs ever

Well, this whole song is an intercession for those who are not doing well. Usiku, usiku, na mchana. She later joined Ambrose University College where she attained a degree in Bachelor of Arts and Music with a major in classical voice. Kra pin checker Watermelon farming in kenya Latest teaching jobs in kenya Jumma mubarak Eugenia cooney before. She says that no one compares to the Awesome God; the saviour, the King of Kings, the Solid rock who does great things to ensure the well-being of those who worship and believe in all the goodness he shows us ksmbua day of our lives.

Kambua, in the song gives a nyjmbani to God that she will continue praising God every day and night because the Lord has made her life wonderful. Usiku na Mchana by Kambua. It is not only rich in lyrical content but scores highly on visual quality.


Mwaminifu is nyumbsni Swahili word that loosely translates to faithful.

River Come Down by Andre Tanker. It reminds you, that God promised to prepare a table for you before your enemies. When the song was released init become an instant hit, nyumbahi favourable reviews from all the media stations.

‎Bado Nasimama – Single by Kambua on Apple Music

She wins souls for the Kingdom nyukbani God though her well-composed songs. Recorded by Paul Bowles, by Various Artists. He is the same God that Joseph worshiped and made him a notable person in a foreign country.

She recently got married to Jackson Mathu and has since replaced her name Kambua Manundu with Kambua Mathu, but still her brand name Kambua Kenya still remains her musical identity. She has since won many awards kambu the local gospel scene. His father, the late professor Manundu is the founder of Tabibu ministry, a ministry that preached the gospel but also helped nyumvani the lives of Kenyans through herbal medications.

Yazz Ahmed guests and we feature “The Music of” tribute to French musical legends. This song appeals to everyone to come out and sing in praise of the Lord.

kambua nyumbani mp3

Mutsembi Manundu, who was an equally powerful man of God. This is the ultimate goal nyumnani every Christian who is serious in salvation. Streaming and Download help.


Kenya Breaking News Today. Reeds by Various Artists.

And sure, this song is heart-mending! The song is in complete synchrony with the laid-back beats and attests to the Midas touch Kambua gives to every work she commits to. This song was released a year after Kambua lost her father, Dr.

kambua nyumbani mp3

Are you waiting upon to God to deliver a promise but you feel like kanbua forgot about you? Kambua has created a brand that is dominant in the Kenyan gospel scene. In the song, Kambua testifies that God has been faithful in her life, always giving ways when all seems lost. Even with the Kambua controversy that hit her career hard, a controversy that sparked after claims that she snatched a microphone from another show host, Jeff Kuria, she came out a better person.

This songs sheds light on a facet of kzmbua that many people know nothing about— befriending God. I will live for you This is a beautiful song that warms the heart of God and everybody in the presence of his glory.

So by far, Kambua has been a living dream of her parents, treading the path that her parents chose nyumbaji winning more souls to Jesus through her songs.