Skyrim or Fallout 3 are the newest games I have. Prime95 running, MHz works and MHz does not. You will see the bottleneck go away if you can overclock the CPU further, and you will most likely be able to play most games fine. It is usually just a thermal shutdown or the laptop can simply not handle the increased power delivery to the chip as the power systems are not designed to run past the specified tdp. I will say that clock speed displayed in core temp is wrong. Helped me run my new laptop with a bit more juice for Battlefield 3. After overclock I’m now getting fps x

k10stat amd a6

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Coretemp reads weird for me sometimes too so that is just a bug and there is nothing to worry about! Can anyone share their before and after marks.

K10stat amd a6 download

Is there anyway to calculate the right voltage for a certain clock?? Here is a screenshot of me 1k0stat stable at 2. Please help me, I can settle for 2.

k10stat amd a6

It would be acceptable to run up to C during a Prime 95 test, just not for longer than a few hours. To get this overclock, I used k10stat to manipulate some settings. I have a gateway nv55s05 with AMD a8 I am trying to improve the overall gaming experience,any ideas on how and what should I do? Okay the laptop arrived! Jan 5, Posts: I absolutely LOVE this machine. This is because the GPU is also linked to the bus, and would overclock as well. Power draw is tiny. You will just wear your battery faster.


Acer Aspire AMD A6 m Overclock with K10stat – Overclocking – Level1Techs Forums

The chip will do some thermal throttling if left at that frequency for very long because it ammd exceed 90C, but as a boost frequency it works very nicely. The confidence I have received cannot be stated enough.

By the way, will overclocking the CPU lead to noticeable increases in gaming performance? And also what is the maximum recommended temp? In a lot of cases when running laptops outside of specs this is a potentially huge issue. Everything depends on the cooling capabilities it will have. Nothing else plugged into the same surge pro is dead, and there is no physical damage.

k10stat amd a6

This allows you to change multipliers, dividers, and core voltage for the CPU. The purity of anything k1stat may find, man made or natural, varies. If I use 0.

k10stat amd a6

This is an excellent guide if you are using an Intel CPU. Call me a jock or a motor head of computing, but pushing anything to the limits of my system is a little like gambling. Remember to press apply after each change.


This is a little late for a reply, but hopefully it will get to you anyways. Lenovo ThinkPadand of course silence.

Mobile Llano overclocking via K10STAT

Only increase the k10wtat if your cooling can take it. The laptop is used for different things, surf the Internet, share files, be they documents, images, etc. For my AM I managed to obtain an overclock of 2.

Every chip requires a different amount of voltage. It means we can overclock and undervolt the chip at the same time.