When I issue the lsusb command, it only shows the following: Download the compiled version of the server. Bus Device Results 1 to 20 of If you follow the steps, it should show irserver, LCDd and mythlcdserver cheers. Did you apt-get mythtv or compile from source. I am running Mythbuntu 7.

irserver 4.3

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irserver 4.3

I am going to compile the lcdproc on another machine as my mythbox does not have 4.3 right environmentthen copy the individual files to the mythbox. Prerequisite If you are using a 64 bit system, download the 32 to 64 bit compatibility libraries: Actually, I will reserve comment.

Click the Start the Translator with Windows checkbox at the bottom of the form. Now I have a new problem: Any one know the correct answer?

I am running Mythbuntu 7. Help pay the bills, and keep the project alive! Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Someone pointed out through their site that they solved this issue by taking a closer look at the USB connection to the mother board Leave the 2 check boxes unchecked and press OK. I am having the same problem. Also alot of talk about Avatar and other dongles working, as well as Yellow Dragon Cards.


Done that now and everything is working: The more the better, as more information will then become available on the new cards. With the irserver running, run the irclient: I also read these are primarily for Windowms, did you get dual dispalys to work, ie tv on tv, with the lcd display showing status etc.

Just enter lcdproc in the description field.

Dstv ZA Irdeto Premium v6 IRServer response

I found that ‘some difficult to learn remotes’ were easily learnt using this app making it my choice. Please remember I am using mythbuntu 8.

irserver 4.3

I am not sure if this step is necessary. My 1st question is, should urserver lcd show anything else other than the date and time?? Around next month I’ll be upgrading pretty much everything in my system currently Athlong Irservverlooking at quad cores now and I’d very much appreciate comments on this case.

Getting the screen going isn’t exactly a top priority at the moment but once I have myth running otherwise and other important stuff like Vmware setup and running, I’ll be sure to iserver just exactly what I can do with the screen.


Reboot and check if these 2 daemons start: I have been trying the Myth tv guide and getting nowhere. Do you need the replacement driver on XP or not?

It’s just a simple forum registration, nothing serious.

IRTrans Support Forum

My main concern is the depth of it: Anyway, updating might force you to reinstall the package from the web site. The LCDdproc script executes at login because i can see the screen change then quickly shuts off.

irserver 4.3

I also have a lircrc to use with MythTV. Perhaps it is something simple CAM string rejected status: Time to get a Roku Media streaming device, and watch streamed channels. Any help is appreciated Kind regards, Bloemetjesgordijn.