I am really sad now. Go get it from http: The one you restored and got it working is the stock IPSW which resulted in infinite recovery mode loop. I have 4,1—4,3,3 shsh record. Error means iTunes failed to find iOS 4. As long as you follow the exact steps indicated by the program, I am sure that you will not encounter any problem.

ireb rc7 for windows

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Keep in mind the following points: Now, fortunately, we have the possibility o download iREB on Mac, windoows well. Meu iphone 4 com versao 4.

iREB R7 Download for Windows

So yes, you very well should be using iReb to get past this error. Error confirms that you do not have an SHSH blob saved for that particular version to which your trying to restore to. It just went back into DFU mode…: Connect your iPhone to your PC. If yes, then there is nothing that ierb can probably do about it right now.

I do not have ideb shsh backups or anything. In this scenario, the best option is to restock stock iOS 4. I ensured I am using the proper snowbreeze as well as newest iREB. What error you are getting? Restoring through recovery mode throws error. Bro I am running iPhone 4 iOS 4. Your iPhone always considers that your headphone is plugged in Even if its not and this is why there is no speaker sound.


ireb rc7 for windows

U must have restored to stock iOS 4. To solve this issue, create iOS 4.

Leave everything and prepare to restore your iPad again. In the same time, jailbreaking is performed only if you install custom firmware on your smart device.

Download iReb R7 For iOS

Unfortunately now my phone is stuck in DFU mode windoas everytime I restore it gives me error You have to tell me the exact error code of iTunes you are getting. When your iPhone is in recovery mode iTunes logo and cable on screen then connect it to your PC or Mac.

ireb rc7 for windows

Moreover, the tool puts your device into a safe PwnedDFU mode, which helps you initiate the jailbreak process. Using TU and Ired to bypass errors.

No matter in what state it is Recovery mode, DFU mode or stuck at Apple logojust follow steps below:. At the time when a new custom firmware was added to an iOS device, some users faced some problems, and on the screen, there were able to see different errors.


Basically, its purpose is to put your device into a Pwned jailbreakable state so that you can upload custom firmware to it. Now, its compatibility has increased in time, and many iREB versions are now available.

Download iREB Vx/ for Windows to Fix iTunes Errors While iOS Firmware Restore

Mmmm, do u any chance have a msn that i can msg u directly? There is no need to re-install iTunes etc. I tried to update to 4. In regards to my iphone 4 4. When I tried to install the upgrade now, or at least make my phone work again, i got the error code After some progress bar the message pops up that iPhone is in DFU mode. Any ideas how to get past this?