Advanced Features Practice Manager encompasses two components: When the Individual tax form is error-free, exit back to the HandiTax main menu. The first step is to open an Internet browser on the computer. Select the Transmitted check box. If you have less than 20 tagged returns, this is the standard default method of lodgment in HandiTax. Click save and Close.

handitax 2010

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In conjunction with the Practice Manager — Security program, it enables you to control access to certain cabinets, drawers, folders, sub-folders and documents. Highlight the corresponding Sage One company, and click OK to select it.

handitax 2010

Do you need a help? Add column headings Cells need to be created for each of your column headings.

Select the relevant BAS form and check the contents of the form for accuracy. The “Passwords” window 2.

SBR Changes within HandiTax – PDF

Choose the effects required bold, italic, underline. Select the client and their tax form.

handitax 2010

The available unsolicited reports are: In the absence of any specific direction by Sage, you must ensure that all notices appearing on the Software and Documentation are reproduced and maintained in their entirety on all copies made by you.


A function is written as ‘function arg1,arg2… ‘.

On the Tax Form Options window, select the Custom estimate options check box. Select the check boxes for the type of information to be blanked out.

handitax 2010

If there is a Lodged date, write down the date and then delete it. The Process button will only be available if the selected report is an OM report.

Highlight the required client using either the Find button, or the buttons. Updates to your address information can also be made from the Personal Information More information. Error and warning messages have a different level hxnditax significance and severity. For this tutorial, you will shorten the “Name” column. The “Managed Fund – Add Detail” window 2.

HandiSoft Advanced Features Guide

The Fields report displays the information in the following columns. In the Text field, type the watermark text. All error messages must be resolved before HandiTax will allow the tax form to be lodged electronically. Band Code — field 1 Leave blank. After tagging all required tax forms for the client, click Close. The amended form will be identified by its sequence number. When you first run a program, the “New Password” window will open for you to enter your password. Displays the user s currently selected TAN.


Prepare the information you More information.

SBR Changes within HandiTax

Authorised Distributor means an entity appointed by Sage to maintain and support the Software and Documentation. When deleting pre-filled items the visible prefill icon will now always clear. Highlight the Setup Name requiring change or click New to create a new setup name. More time — Withdraw from all p Remove all of the client’s tax forms in the same manner.

Type the user name of the person whose tags you want to use, and then click OK.