Thank you for you perfect feedback! The full version of Gameception, the 15 card expansion, plus a personalized set of cards you can tailor to the quirks of your game group. That’s why Gameception wants you to continue playing those while you play it. We have to go Deeper! Tired of having to choose what game to play?


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STDSoftware Developer days ago.

Vile Genius Games | Gameception

We have to go Gameceptikn From “The Singer”, which says “If someone else sings a song” to “The Power Gamer”, which says “If someone else tells a player what to do on their turn. Includes 75 cards, plus the 15 card expansion. Questions about this project? Ships to Anywhere in the world.


The full version of Gameception. Kickstarter is not a store. Enhance your game night by playing a game while you play other games. Funding period Jul 24, – Aug 23, 30 days. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of gamecetion per game in the jam.


Vile Genius Games

When it comes to anything produced overseas we run into the risks of delays getting it into your hands, such as: All content is subject to Triumvirate Games approval, but we’re open to most things as long as it doesn’t taint the tone of the game.

You get to keep your own, and use it all over again! Tired of having to choose what game gamdception play?

Estimated delivery Jul You can still Preorder! It was really difficult at first, but I’m really having fun with it! Leave a comment Log in with itch. Daromaru Submitted gameceptkon ago. Let the sneakiness continue with Gameception: Submitted by STDSoftware — 34 minutes, 41 seconds before the deadline. Log in with itch. Ranked from 28 ratings.

Ideal for smaller game groups. Last updated June 5, It’s the meta-game that plays all day. The expansion to Gameception focuses on gameceptiob games!


Report submission Add to collection. The Idea is good and i really like the graphicle style, well done!


Check out the FAQ. Indie game store Free games Fun games Horror games.


Thank you again for your support and love-filled feedback! Play game Gamecetion itch. I watched the stream while this was taking place, so I was excited to play this!