But considering developers have the freedom to use their own favorite aliases, which may not be “tizen” or “review. I have tried various strings for APN, but this has not been an issue before. But neither is something to do at a whim, so maybe we need to browse around a bit to gain more evidence that this is now the problem, and if possible find other ways to work around it. I have set up a mobile broadband connection. A few seconds later, I get a message box Mobile Broadband Network: The Most Common Problems 1:

failed libmms connection error

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Hmm, ppp; I need to stir up my last-millennium memories: Executed sudo udevadm control –reload-rules.

When I bought this modem more than a year ago, it worked readily out of the box. There are known occassional issues with ‘mirror. Faile the window is shown on the missing display, the menu item “Move” will be active and the item “Restore” will be greyed out.

# – Fails ModemManager connections since – Debian Bug report logs

Update 22 – December 16 As advised in one comment, installed various kernels from http: As soon as the switching was accomplished, I was faioed that I was on Mobile Broadband Network and a New Broadband Connection appreard in network manager menu.


There’s still almost a second between Many USB cables made for charging devices have only power wires but no data lines.

failed libmms connection error

A few seconds later, I get a message box. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.


Questing about the use of libmm

PJRC does monitor the forum and every attempt is made to answer customer questions. If the LED never blinks, do not worry about drivers or software. Only power from the USB cable is necessary. One solution for the second problem is of course to use a different ModemManager: The ModemManager debugging logs for The syslog file and the created rule files are here.

The machine hangs once, is that a random event? The connection was successful like a charm.

gbs local build of all package fails on repo sync

Setup ModemManager for debugging and setup udevadm capture. So, that is a closed road. Can you also replace all “ssh: However, I’ve started to believe that the configuration liibmms towards the end of that file, for product id “” are misleading. This same solution has been reported multiple times with success. Add tags Tag help.


Post as a guest Name. Sign up to join this community. The syslog file and the mentioned rule file 40 are here. And, with only a very rudimentary, pre insight into the udev magic, I would anyhow consider questioning its 4th line, which says: The second option is also more of a problem, given that there is an upper-case “PDP context” match available from the modem. After this operation, 1, MB of additional disk space will be used.

Regular Arduino boards are always serial.

failed libmms connection error

Sign up using Email and Password. Btw, I suppose its not also on cable when you plug in the modem. If the driver installer has run, Windows should be able to find the driver.

Now, in Ubuntu