No, EABA measures turn length precisely, but the turns get longer. All dice are d6s, and you keep your best three results, excepting specific circumstances that allow you to keep more or force you to keep less. The game books and related materials are available only in a PDF format download, or printed on demand. Learn how your comment data is processed. Another game from the same company, Star Frontiers , was developed for science fiction -based role-playing. It is compatible with any computer or device that can read this file type, including smart phones and tablets. You put your character together by spending different points on different parts of your character sheet.

eaba rpg

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The Independents: EABA | Cannibal Halfling Gaming

Not too shabby for a deliberately crunchy game. The concluding chapter finishes with lists of gear, hex maps to print out as well as a choice of different character sheets.

Players can spend turn mod on actions in rgp turn, so the longer the turns are, broadly, the more likely actions will succeed. The power design involves taking the Effects and Modifiers and using their given values in the book to find a power level. Traits are additional things about a character, positive or negative, that help flesh them out.

GURPS certainly seems to have had a huge influence on EABA, not just with approbation for acronyms but for the worth of generic and flexible aeba mechanics.

The Independents: EABA

Between these three chapters, you have all the mechanical scaffold you need to faba up your campaign. While I like the execution of EABA in particular, the basics of character creation are largely similar to any other point-buy game, and the trait and skill lists are, while eabaa constrained than those in GURPS or Hero, built around the same basic concept.


Increasing an ability score by 3 is an approximate doubling of the Attribute.

There are embedded pop-up notes on a few of pages, little icons that actually hold a side asides. Some negative traits give the player additional AP or SP to spend. In addition to significant revamping of the combat turn system, this version made use of many of the built-in features of the Adobe PDF format, and was streamlined for use on tablet or laptop computers.

eaba rpg

Skills are purchased using skill points in a similar manner to attributes. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. One thing I do like about how EABA treats its negative traits is that each description covers how the trait should affect a character in very direct terms.

In principle a gamemaster can balance the power of foes to the abilities of the player characters by comparing their relative point values. No, not really, the day someone writes that is the day I spontaneously combust. Just as d20 is used by third party eaaba for their supplements, so is EABA — the license text is in the download. Traits are given applicability tags that the GM can take into account, but just like any other universal system there is going to be pre-work to define what is and is not allowed in a game r;g.

It makes sense, to a certain degree: By exiting physical distribution way before everyone else, BTRC made their games pretty hard to find unless you already knew what you were looking for. EABA lends itself to heroic game play, to cinematic action. Role-playing games RPGs of the s and early s were environment specific, and incompatible with one another.


eaba rpg

EABA actually comes complete with a battle system of its own. This particular mechanic is a good example of how the system encourages action and drama without needing to bias individual sets of rules combat, for example to one genre.

Additional factors may make an action more or less difficult, thus increasing or decreasing the number needed for success. Geek Native “Where everybody knows your game”.

Characters could also be more or less wealthy than average, or have a special ability like exceptional luck or the ability to use magic depending on the game setting. Powers, Minutia, and Gear Two of the longer chapters in the book are eava how to model things in a given setting within the rules. Email required Address never made public.

The Chart may look overwhelming, but because the information density is so much higher any group should see the benefits after some practice. The skill system also copes with benefits and drawbacks of specialities, skill synergies, advanced eba, trained and tpg use.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Each turn is twice as long as the last: The v2 edition also received excellent reviews, calling it “the bleeding edge of PDF game development”, and praising the scalability and portability of the system.

A character without any ability in a particular skill can use the base attribute with a penalty to determine the success of an action.