The Eternal Battle is enormously well conceived, and as usual the band visits their lyrics upon historical and mythological concepts, as well as classic fantasy literature like the works of Robert E. Tweet Recent reviews by this author. The Battle of Yaldabaoth. Where the record comes together is in its instrumental design. Soldiers march to war Soldier of Fortune rides Your reward is to live another day Soldiers of Fortune ride Heart with no cause Eyes with no pride Let kings decide whether you live or die. For all the times We defended or Name For a future that is never to come And the steps On a path which appears as we march And vanishes behind our backs.

doomsword the eternal battle

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Unbeknownst to them, Soldiers are ordered to die The wind reaps lives on the field As the dark blade defies the sun The world to and end The blade slowly gets lowered When you’re Fate’s Eyes and Voice, The bearing the Sword in not a choice.

DOOMSWORD LYRICS – “The Eternal Battle” () album

Where the record comes together is in its instrumental design. It’s cheesey, but it’s not dripping. Doomsword deliver, and this 5th full-length is a ddoomsword scar to wear, a bloodied nose from a steel gauntlet you will not soon forget. Anyway, the main quality of The Eternal Battle is Deathmaster’s performance: Thus, the lyrics are excellent: In the same way, the album is not about music.

Italians Doomsword have never been one dlomsword disappoint their audience, and you can tell this by the amount of time they spend carefully concocting each new album, at least over the course of the 21st century.

doomsword the eternal battle

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doomsword the eternal battle

The way metal is seen, far from being just a dull, rhetoric glorification of the “warrior’s way”, is that of a cultural path leading to the roots of our culture. But the main criticism that can be made is about the songs themselves: I should talk a little about DoomSword. Eternal Battle I never thought The legends were true Now the golden hall open its gates To its dying son As one battle fades Another one soars I take my place, At Odin’s side Blood runs fresh and fast Doomword my veins I am now ready to fight Forevermore I can see the battle in the sky Eternal battle way up high Clad in a white wolf skin Newly tempered blade at hand My forefathers welcome their son All father, here I am.

Doomsword – The Eternal Battle (album review ) | Sputnikmusic

Bands alphabetical country genre Labels alphabetical country Reviews R. While not as immediately catchy, it yearns to be understood.

doomsword the eternal battle

Wrath Of The Gods 4. Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher. Is it maybe that the whole scene is struggling?

A Dawn to Fear. Where Doomsword is able to separate it from its fellows in in its contextual tendencies; themes of battle, gods having batttle wars, other mythology and other soldiery themes are present throughout the record. Sodden paths our battlefield Sudden ambush and assault Roman blood paints the altars Sacrifice and Victory! To describe their sound the listener must first look at the era in which Doomsword began.

Music – Album Review – DoomSword – The Eternal Battle

The Battle of Yaldabaoth. It’s nothing pretty, nothing fancy and nothing exorbitantly digitized to drain the listener’s connection to the songs of olde, and thus it suits the Italians like dternal chain mail coif. They do take years to make albums, but the product is always a very heartfelt and a very significant offering.


The guitar work and drumming are in a wonderful synch here.

From their self-titled in which in all honesty missed the mark but not by much to their claim to fame Let Battle Commence inthe music has been steady, with strong lyrical themes supporting this excellent level of storytelling. The Eternal Battle is glazed in a rich but earthen production much like their prior efforts, and it’s the perfect needle through which to thread such beloved and forgotten tales.

Warlife Oh imposing forests Of trees I’ve never seen You make the way to my fate So hard to walk Of foreign rain Stinging my tue How unwelcome I feel Sinking in merciless mud As if you knew Of forests and rain That we do not own this land We do not own this land Of foreign land I came here to die Or claim you as mine.

Also, vocals are god-like! Soldiers march to war Soldier of Fortune rides Your reward is to live another day Soldiers of Fortune ride Heart with no cause Eyes with no pride Let kings decide whether you live or die. The content always involves historical themes. Production-wise, we feel the effort to find an alternative way to etsrnal “Nuclear Blast grandeur”; it’s just that this effort sometimes drains the energy out of the sound, making the album more difficult to enjoy at its best.

Doomsword The Eternal Etegnal 4.