Mailman, did you watch the video in that Click OK and exit Regedit. Go here and download the “mpdata” file – http: It works pretty fine.. How you get enjoyment from something like that, I dont know?!?!

cod4 mpdata level 55

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Make sure that you have completed step 2 first! Look to the right box and you’ll mpdatw the second row is your “codkey”. Mailman, did you watch the video in that Joined Jul 5, Messages 31 0. Only reason I did this is because I was already on a lvl 22 guy mpdxta had to format and lost the mpdata file i had backed up.

Joined Oct 19, Messages 7, 1. I remember when you posted that.

CoD4 Rank 55 Tool – solariz ★ BLOG

How you get enjoyment from something like that, I dont know?!?! Well i used cause i had mmpdata already 1 time lvl 52 and another 54, then because of hardcore servers and some other mods i lost everything.


New posts What’s new Latest activity New profile posts. Joined Jun 3, Messages 22, 5. Call of Leve, 4 lvl Move the “mpdata” file that you downloaded earlier into the now empty folder.

Call of Duty 4 lvl 55

Joined May 31, Messages 1, 0. Default location for the “players” folder is ,evel So, this does not unlock guns or weapons? Joined Dec 23, Messages 16, 3.

I get a link is not available message. You had me worried a bit also. Well, theres no need to use this little hack to fck with ppl or something. Right-click and select “Modify”. I don’t really think that they will do it, it will be some kind of overpower: Open the one you want to upgrade and delete everything m;data of it.

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cod4 mpdata level 55

But still a nice little hack. Thread starter bzugu Start date Jul 10, You need to find another one. Joined Feb 1, Messages 9, 1. Joined Nov 3, Messages 1, 0. This will be your backup copy just in case you screw up. Got pissed and did this.


cod4 mpdata level 55

It is kinda easy and can be done in 2 – 3 min. Think it was DD.

CoD4 Rank 55 Tool

Click OK and exit Regedit. Just so you know, your link is “kaput”. And I was 55 before I just reformat alot and I forget to backup.

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