Having fun with the Imaqtpie announcer pack Buzz Lightyear. I know the sound quality is incredibly terrible but I dont have a good mic at the moment. Sugi is Owner of MobaMonster. This video was sponsored by League Amino! Replace the dull standard female..

blakinola announcer pack how to

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How to Install Custom Announcers in LoL

League of Legends Announcer Pack: That being said, it’s probably not that good. Want to see more posts tagged blakinola?

It also changes everything from English to Korean, even voices from characters, etc. This video was sponsored by League Amino! Even qtpie checked out the voice pack I made for him.

blakinola announcer pack how to

I don’t know who exactly made this custom voice pack but it wasn’t me. I know the sound quality is incredibly terrible but I dont have a good mic at the moment.

blakinola announcer pack how to

We are talking about the oldest people in the creator pool and they acting like children. Brace Yourself, Rekkles is coming!

blakinola announcer pack how to

All of the credit goes to Tricolorstar for making these amazing voicepacks. Permanent League of Legends Announcer Pack s Still a Possibility League of Legends players have been asking about special Announcers and whether or pacck they could be a permanent fixture, and Riot Games finally addressed the question head on in their.


Blakinola’s response to Sky. League of Legends blakinola. The Quality in the Video is worse than Ingame because of my editing program 2. Tutorial on how to change your language to Japanese in League on a new launcher, it works on any server, euw, eune, na and so on. I also make League videos if you give a shit enough to subscribe. Reason I say this is because Illaoi has been out for what? Well look no further! If reading the patch notes that Riot puts up for our benefit every patch is too much for you fuckin subscribe to Blakinola or one of the other league youtubers that makes guides and shit.

Blakinola Announcer Pack

LOL blakinola funny league. I spent most of my video making time making this announcer pack for myself, and I thought I may as well make something public out of it to avoid not releasing a video. This also works as unistalling tool for the current voicepack, which i suggest using if you get bored Few of the announcer packs on our website may not work, due to riots patching or perhaps the program is malfunctioning.

On the left is the client where I can switch voice packs, and the right is a simple server that sends the “play” command when a kill happens. Just played against Blakinola and ZzLegendary. A part of it anyway.


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The support email for this program is lexwah. Motivational Speech League of Legends Blakinola. This is the latest How to change yo. Hope you guys enjoy!

How to Install Custom Announcers in LoL – MobaMonster

Yes you can get it: Purchase RP here and help support this channel via the amazon affiliate program NA: I made an announcer pack for league and thought I’d share it with annuncer, so I made this simple video to showcase it. Special Announcer Pack done by the one and only Phreak and some guy named Kobe jk love you.

He pulled an old white feminist trick: Tiny Tina requests the pleasure of your company at her fancy yet casual tea party. How to Install Custom Announcers in LoL I recently came across a 3rd party app that lets you change announcer packs or voice packs in league blakijola legends easily, back in the day you had to go rather annoying process, but LVOC program lets you do it super easy.