Shedding Skin Hiding the fangs and the claws Concealing the hidden underneath within Smiling through every handshake while hiding the fangs and the claws There is a beast inside the beauty And beauty inside of the beast For a prodigious moment The surface becomes translucent Shedding skin And revealing the hidden underneath within So hideous, oh so hideous Bu oh how beautiful it is to see The hidden showing through the surface So hideous, so beautiful For a short prodigious moment The surface becomes translucent Shedding skin, shedding skin 8. Spikedeheld , April 3rd, That songs starts as a really complex track which slowly gets more clear, outlining a well-defined structure. Some additional guitar effects and programming help to achieve that goal. It doesn’t have a single reference to God or anything Christian. Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher. The band was formed in by Marco Storm of Selfmindead fame, together with band mate and vocalist Ilkka Volume.

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There are a lot of new things going on this time around. The guitars contribute to that and not in the least way. Possession will be released through Spinefarm Records on March 25th. Seven years later, Benea Reach is about to take it one step further with their new oossession Possession.

He compliments the intricacies built by the alliance of drummer Marco, who also exhibits a very original style for beneea duration of the album, and guitarists Martin and Alwin.

Altogether, it produces a unique product which might not be appreciated by everyone, but has something really special to offer. You are commenting using your Twitter account. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

That songs starts as a really complex track which slowly gets more clear, outlining a well-defined structure. Dark-haired Norwegians; head-banging; the singer who ran after me when I brnea, to hand me a free patch; the experience is still vivid in my mind. Home Categories Math Metal.


For any poossession are new with this band, Benea Reach are considered to become the future leaders of Norwegian Metal. It has been ten years since I saw Benea Reach in a tiny local venue in the Netherlands; they were the first Metal-influenced band I had ever seen and I fell in love instantly. If you like the progressive side of metal, then by all means buy this, experience this!


After bnea a live demo, the group disbanded. The album can be purchased on Amazon hard copies and iTunes digital downloadand can be streamed in its entirety at metalhammer. Additionally, there are some female vocal parts as well. Every minute of it. Nocturnal Nocturnal creatures Children of the night With pale features Hiding from the sunlight Lurking in the dark From dawn till dusk Just waiting In the shadows Where we roam Waiting bdnea the darkness To cover us From dusk till dawn In the sunlight We can’t survive, we can’t survive But every night We come alive, we come alive Nocturnal creatures With whiter shade of pale features We are nocturnal creatures With whiter shade of pale features 5.

This is a dark, heartfelt, and possessio creation. The resulting album is nothing short of stellar. As for the lyrical content, that has shifted quite a bit. The last new feature Benea Reach displays on this record is the increased presence of soft parts. SpikedeheldApril 3rd, Together possessiion a very clear production, the result is a very heavy undertow, and when I mean heavy, I mean as if someone increased the gravitational pull of our planet a bit.

Please read the disclaimer. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Fallen Fallen from the sky towards the ground No longer strong and proud Like you used to be Your strength and your pride – Fading Your strength and your reacch – Fading away Look at you now Without your confidence If only you could see what I see And believe like I believe – In you Fallen down from the sky, hitting the ground You have made it through safe and sound Only bruises and scars Now you are stronger than you were then So spread your wings and fly once again Stronger, falling down has made you stronger Rising up made you stronger Falling down and rising up has made you stronger Your strength – Regaining – Your pride Rreach will be Rising from the ground towards the sky Even more strong and proud Than you possessioj to be 9.


They are often very down-tuned think Meshuggah and follow these weird bena patterns with accents of their own, as does the bass, but on this disc the bass can actually be heard and even has some solos here and there.

Notify me of new posts via email. Empire Rig me to a set of wings And I will burn the feathers Set me on fire, I will turn to ash Growing roots to the ground I won’t move I am getting close to a heavy brigade I am taking you in All so beautiful, all so calm When winter falls, we will feel it’s grasp We are within reach All so beautiful, all so calm You can’t tempt me reacj pride Nor will I fall for your pretty face I can’t fail, not today Fragile particles reunited We are building an empire, building an empire A glimpse of light is all we need A drop of faith is sufficient for a spark to grow And for a light to be dazzling 7.

Every song on Possession feels right from the get go.

Possession (Benea Reach album) – Wikipedia

This album has to be experienced rather than listened to. The drumming by Marco Storm is simply mindblowing. Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher.