Search or use up and down arrow keys to select an item. NET Business Connector installation and configuration. Open link in a new tab. If it were a real application. Before installing Business Connector, the following must be available in the domain:

axapta business connector

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Keep in mind one important thing. So, this is a really interesting integration aspect between AX and.

axapta business connector

Logon null, null, null, null. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. Busness the Business Connector Proxy dialog box: So, here we can see VS. It would look like the following: Then, we add another simple button to our.

In this case, what I am doing is looping through all the records and creating an ADO. Implementing a sample AX class to consume it. Not a very impressive graphics interface, but we are getting that result from within Dynamics AX business logic!!

Dynamics AX: Axapta Business Connector (COM+)

Take a look to the selected code and read all the C comments within that code. This security authentication type is important to have it into account when accessing from our own. Log in to join the discussion. No search term specified.



In the Network domain box, enter the domain of the user and then close the dialog box. NET web-app could access AX business components using this connector. Open link in a new tab. So, what we are doing is using the AxaptaRecord class to select and get all the records from AX data. After having a DataTable or DataSet we could return it to any other. In this case, we are going to invoke AX classes to get real AX data.

This installation can be completed at the same time as the Business Connector installation, or it can be done prior to this installation. Search or use up and down arrow keys to select an item. Ok, now we are ready for programming some C code or VB. Note that we are instancing a standard BCN object using the class Microsoft.

It is very simple, just a testing method for accessing AX from. NET Business Connector installation and configuration. Take into account that this is just for azapta. Next step is getting real data from AX tables and AX business classes.


Restarting Axapta Business connector

NET, which is connectionless oriented, AX data access classes are connection-oriented. Here is the Salute method code: By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use.

Net code, of course. In the Alias box, enter the alias. If it were a real application.

axapta business connector

We want to access AX business logic or data, transactions, etc.