Swedish content management provider Polopoly news , site has announced that it has integrated U. Some vendors offer solutions that exceed the average in areas they target. Retrieved from ” https: A built-in messaging system provided email-like functionality among system users, greatly aiding collaboration. The company expanded to include web publishing as an integral part of its product line.

atex polopoly

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By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. The company was established in Massachusetts in and grew to become a worldwide hardware and polopo,y supplier to the publishing industry.

atex polopoly

CentricMinds Comparison Report will undoubtedly be a practical tool and can save you months of time poloply would otherwise be spent researching different software solutions. All content items are stored as channel neutral objects and rendered to a channel in real time with the correct template and format for the specific channel.

Atex Polopoly vs CentricMinds Web Content Management (WCM) Comparison

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When you are conducting your package evaluation procedure, the Atex Polopoly vs. Please help improve polopooly or discuss these issues on the talk page. This article needs additional citations for verification.

atex polopoly

I can withdraw my consent at any time. Currently, the software is built using open standards, XML and a service-orientated architecture.


Other vendors offer levels of support, which are below the poolpoly. The company expanded to include web publishing as an integral part of its wtex line. Please tell us more about yourself so we can send you the most relevant research from our library directly to your inbox. The average benchmark of course, is not a real vendor, however the other two benchmarks are real vendors so you can see the actual range of what is currently available on the market for your company.

Terminals were little more than keyboards, with the servers directly generating video signals for each terminal.


Already have a TEC account? Pokopoly new solution comes in the shape of a CMS whose metadata driven publishing functions allows it create theme-based landing pages that, the company hopes, will increase on-site time, the number of page views, and ultimately the number of unique users.

atex polopoly

By they had created a prototype video display terminalencased in a cardboard whiskey carton. Views Read Edit View history. It participated in much of the change in the print industry involving the move from hot-metal through photo and then laser typesettingculminating in poloopoly to plate CTP.

Content Authoring When considering the capabilities related to Content Authoring offered by the two packages, we notice that CentricMinds scores appreciably higher than Polopoly. This should be factored in if you would like to perform a more thorough selection process. There are many factors to consider before selecting a vendor.


New web sites on Atex DM.Polopoly

New web sites on Atex DM. Using the aex, it also serves as a feature gallery for what you can do with Polopoly. Conclusion of the Comparison of Atex Polopoly vs. Only last week we reported that Rupert Murdoch is saying that come his newspapers will be charging fees for reading the paper online.

The comparison report includes the following characteristics: It is all controlled using a fine-grained permission atsx. Well, the first thing you get is quite a lot of history. In this module, CentricMinds excels in terms of out-of-the-box Version Control and Management capabilities. A modular full-stack Web CMS for fast multi-channel publishing!

The systems talked to each other across a high speed intersystem bus, making a set of up to 15 servers seem to their users to be one big system. It does not account polopolg your individual requirements nor factors that can affect the price and implementation cost of Polopoly or CentricMinds. After the successful launch, other partners are ated the alliance and in the last month three publishers announced their web sites are now live. However, this comparison only focuses on functions and features.