Nothing special about it though. Anya’s Ghost by Vera Brosgol – four stars 2 14 Sep 20, Once there, Anya confronts and accuses Emily of trying to live vicariously through her. I love how Anya’s culture and immigrant experience shapes her maturity not in an overt and explicit, in-your-face kinda way, so it’s believable and really admirable in the end when she sees that she doesn’t have to let what others think about her affect her cultural pride and identity. First and foremost, the difficulty of being accepted when your roots lie in a far-away country that your classmates know only through hearsay and prejudice spread by ignorant, uneducated fools.

anyas ghost

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I started this book last night.

Then, stomping home from school in a snit, she takes a shortcut and falls down anyaz abandoned well — a well that is haunted by a teenage ghost who’s been hanging out alone for 90 years. May 24, Mariah Roze rated it really liked it.

People who would rather scale their school wall than do the bleep test. Having arrived to the USA from Russia before primary school, she has adopted to the ways of her new homeland. The main character, Anya, falls into an old well that has a skeleton of a young girl from many centuries ago.

From the get go, Anya is at odds with society. At Emily’s insistence, Anya dresses up and goes to a party attended by Sean and his girlfriend Elizabeth. Feb 25, Noelle rated it really liked it Recommended to Noelle by: I don’t know why she hated herself, her mom, her friend and people who actually try to be nice to her.


Anya’s Ghost – IMDb

The artist herself said she chose the colors “for no other reason than I like purpley-blue and I think it feels right for the story”. Less than an hour later, I’m at the last page and officially have a new favorite YA graphic novel. But friendships with dead girls can be a little more complicated than Anya would have guessed.

anyas ghost

Anya is embarrassed by her family, self-conscious about her bo I am trying to read more and more graphic novels, because that is what my students are reading. Also, it has her ghost.

Anya’s Ghost by Vera Brosgol

Yes, this comic is rich in beautiful illustrations whose palette consists of blue, white, black and grey but this is just the tip of the iceberg of excellence. She’s negative and snarky, so focused on conformity she’s unable to appreciate the unique aspects of her life and the good things that come with it.

Lists with This Book. Her vulnerability is endearing and her spiky personality is charming. The character outlining of Anya was pretty cool and the book kept me interested as to where it was going. Browse free movies and TV series. Emily later appears to Anya at school, Anya having inadvertently taken a finger bone from Emily’s skeleton. What made me feel uncomfortable about this angas Our biggest flaw is that we try to hide that awesomeness for god know’s why!


After Emily fails to push Anya into the well, Anya drops the bone ghosst in. Retrieved August 24, May 13, Catie rated it it was amazing Recommended to Catie by: A young couple must navigate a blossoming romance, amidst a war between their families’ competing pizza restaurants.

anyas ghost

Then I didn’t like the ghost much, either — ghpst vague and bland aside from her self-pity. After failing to make Anya popular and happy, Emily becomes manipulative and controlling, leading Anya to discover the truth about Emily’s death. This is a comic book that could have easily become a spectacular novel.

Anya’s Ghost

What is the story? This girl’s mom is very old-country Russian. Apparently dressing like someone who can put together a plausible outfit is not ghst immigrants can naturally accomplish? What is Emily’s stake in Anya’s popularity?