Don’t give your money to people, who throw your fair-use rights out of the window. DEP error on Windows Vista 6. Support for new titles – Fix: Removes characters not allowed by the file system from volume labels to help programs, which use the volume label as a file path, e. Just download and enjoy. Updated decryption keys – Fix DVD:

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Automatically disable speedmenu, if speedmenu status is present in disc.

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Added structural repair for a new copy protection as found on “Home Improvement: Possible crash with some discs – Some minor fixes and improvements – Updated languages 7. Read errors with CloneCD and some discs,e.

Decryption could fail, if titles have been deleted from disc 6. AnyDVD says that I can do bitcoin.

[New] AnyDVD HD V6 7 0 0 [ included] | helcowara | Gamer Launch Support

Improved the “rename highest XPL file” option. Otherwise the changes made in the Ctack device driver will not have any effect! Release Information by the Manufacturer – New Blu-ray: This is not a protection issue.


Workaround for bug in some drive firmware, e. AnyDVD did not always request a required reboot after setup – Updated languages 6.

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Sony Arccos removal didn’t always work as it should – Some minor fixes and improvements 6. Workaround for incorrect CSS detection by 3rd party software in rare system configurations – Fix Blu-ray: Added Blu-Ray support – New: Improved option “Jump to Main Movie” Works now with several titles, which didn’t work cracl, e.

AnyDVD HD V66790

Added support for new copy protections – New Blu-ray: Added support for bit Windows XP – Change: Purchasing AnyDVD is hell. Support for new titles – New: File extension of logfiles is crqck “. Workaround for XBOX playback problems. HD DVD is much more consumer friendly e.

The option to remove “annoying adverts and trailers”has been greatly improved: Reading sectors in random order – Fix DVD: Updated decryption keys – Change DVD: Problems with some Arccos protected titles, e. Added support for a new type of structural protection as found on “Buck Rogers” and “Footsoldier”, R2, Germany – Some minor fixes and ayn – Updated languages 6.


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Vobset error with some discs – Change: Allow removal of annoying titles – New DVD: Default AI Scanner level is now “thorough”, evd some discs did not work correctly with the previous default setting.

Possible corruption, when creating sparse image files – Fix Blu-ray: Improved “Remove annoying adverts and trailers” to work better with some 3D discs – Fix Blu-ray: Problems with some discs – Some minor fixes and improvements 6.7.0 Updated languages 6. Bug in AIscanner, causing some discs not to decrypt properly – Some minor fixes and improvements 6.

Incorrectly formatted language files could cause AnyDVD to crash.

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