Zekrayatna Zekrayatna – Single Solo. Yalla Yalla – Single Solo. Ezay Fatetny – Single Solo. Welad El Nahardah Solo. She recorded a second album which is still unreleased. How Do I Forgot feat.

amal maher rayeh beya feen

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Oum Koulthoum Tarab Solo. Yalla – Single Solo. Enta Leghairy Aaraf Menien Solo. Lasho Nez’al Violet Music Solo.

amal maher rayeh beya feen

Mesh Hamnaak Aaraf Menien Solo. Betekrah Leh Esaalni Ana Solo.

amal maher rayeh beya feen

Maher recorded her first song in and received the support of Ammar El Sherei, who she considers to be her spiritual father because he has been a loyal supporter and mentor throughout her career.

The couple has a son mahre Omar.

Kelma Wahda Esaalni Ana Solo. Bahibbak Welad El Nahardah Solo.

Yalla Yalla – Single Solo. Mshaery Mshaery – Single Solo. New Hits Abdul Majeed Abdullah. Maher has held several concerts in Egypt and the neighboring countries. Initially scheduled forthe release date was postponed to the New Year, then to mid-January, and so on and so forth. Zekrayatna – Single Solo. Deciding to forgo traditional schooling, Maher enrolled at the Conservatory of Arabic music to start a singing career. Still influenced by her idol, the diva Umm Kulthum, Maher has said she remains mqher about the future and her goal of becoming one of bea most influential singers of her generation.


amal maher rayeh beya feen

Rayhalak Rohy Esaalni Ana Solo. Amal Maher Zakarytna feat. How Do I Forgot feat. Bahebak Bahebak – Single Solo. Zekrayatna Zekrayatna – Single Solo.

Amal Maher – Rayeh Beya Feen | Arabic Music | My favorite music, Songs, Dance

Amal Maher] Sherine Live Sherine. Asalah Youssef Remixaaat Solo. Esalny Ana Esaalni Ana Solo. Amal Maher Musik Dans Farfashah. Bahebak fene Single Solo. Zekrayatna Welad El Nahardah Solo. Damiery Byaanebny Aaraf Menien Solo.


The song was popular on radio and music television. Amal Maher is considered one of the most talented artists of her generation, She began singing as a child and was discovered by the general public at the age of fifteen by taking up the songs of Umm Kulthum.

Welad El Naharda – Single Solo. Her powerful voice has captured the hearts of many listeners, and she is heavily influenced by Umm Kulthum. Enta Omri Live [feat. Welad El Nahardah Solo. Ya Naseeny Esaalni Ana Solo.