After reading a lot, it seems that I need to do that like so: Here is the codes for receiving packets: Game Maker’s internal networking codes are better and gives you more options. I realized that because I have a check for each game if other terminated the connection by unexpectedly close the window or back to the main menu. I have already got gamemaker to connect to the server and send data, but now I have a problem with receiving data. Aug 2, Posts:


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It’s okay whenever I use wifi actually but my friends read: Each wrapper script would call the actual script as well as generate a log entry to a file or the console stating how much data was used by the operation among other 39dol information, such as where in the code it was called. I’ve tried increase the time sync interval so now it’s writebyte in every 60 step.

Cocos2d-x Developer Blog: Understanding 39DLL Windows socket library

So what makes it large in data usage? How do we handle problem users? I can not find much information about it, so if anyone knows why this problem occurs and how to fix it would be very nice.


I am just making a normal gamemaker 8.


Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. So I’ve never been achieved to play the game in distance. One thing there was I don’t know what’s the code to end the connection other than end the game by close the window.

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Yes, 39dol password is: Sign up to join this community. It only takes a minute to sign up. Active 5 years, 5 months ago. I forgot why did I choose 39dll.


EyecatchSep 19, Email Required, but never shown. I just learned about TCP and this multiplayer stuff on last week. GMWolfSep 16, Jun 21, Posts: Also, you must not 39dlk 39dll.


So I think it could be a deal. Here is the codes for receiving packets: Do you already have an account?

Popular 39dll now available as 39dylib on Mac |

One way to capture the raw workload, disregarding any potential interference of headers, would be to make a wrapper script for each of the functions you use to send and receive data. One more I have a thought about is the connection of the game doesn’t seems to end whenever I still open the game. I already fixed this like a week ago or so. Windows What makes 39dll large in data usage? Post as a guest Name.


The better is if you combine tcp and UDP for your games. Apr 21, Posts: Consider you might wanna try my crazy game: You can then analyze this data to find out which portion of your code generates the most theoretical usage.

Popular 39dll now available as 39dylib on Mac

Log in or Sign up. Keep in mind, no matter what protocol you end up using, you are always going to be sending MORE data than you are writing at the application level. Payload of the segment is another header with a payload, which also a header. EyecatchSep 16,